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How to choose house and wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

Video game fans and, especially, if they are followers of the universe Harry Potterthey have to Hogwarts Legacy as its most anticipated title. A game that aims to be the definitive experience of the work of JK Rowling, and that each novelty that it shows impacts more due to the detail of everything that surrounds it. Shortly after starting the adventure, there are many questions that have arisen about the players.

What house will I end up in? either Which wand will choose me? are some of them. The sorting hat is usually the one who dictates that sentence on the house in which we will be active, but in Hogwarts Legacy we will have the last word. Not only that, but we will be able to do it before the game is released. Yes, as you have read, no need to wait for launch to make decision.

Hogwarts Legacy: Which house will welcome us?

To know in which house we will play we will follow a very simple process. You will have to enter and connect with your account at Wizarding World. Once inside, you will have to complete the Want Ceremony and a series of questions in the Sorting Ceremony quizzes. Once we do this, they will give us an eight-digit code, which we will use on the website of Warner Bros Games to link our account with Wizarding World. With this, we will know in which house we will end up and what our wand will be before the launch of the game.


We remember that, although the video game is officially published on February 10those people who have reserved the deluxe or collector edition will have the opportunity to start their adventure in Hogwarts Legacy as of this same February 7. That means that the next few hours will be full of content about the long-awaited video game both on social networks and on streaming platforms of the caliber of Twitch. content creators like IlloJuan either elXokas They have already confirmed that they will start their adventure live.

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