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How to download free games from the Epic Games Store

Downloading and installing the free games from Epic Games is very easy with this tutorial.

How to download free games from the Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store offers free games every month

There are many platforms and digital video game stores to download on PC. In recent years it has gained a lot of popularity. Epic Games Store which offers free games every month. The only requirement is to be registered on the page to benefit from it and other exclusive promotions. If you don’t know how to do it, here is a complete tutorial for download free games from Epic Games Store. So you can form a more than interesting library of digital games of all genres without paying anything.


Any user with a Epic Games Store account you can download the games for free. Epic Games are the creators of Fortnite who launched their own video game platform. In its catalog you can find the latest releases for PC, daily offers and totally free games. own Epic Games explains how to download PC games and then you can install the software directly on your computer. We tell you how to do the whole process step by step, as well as how to quickly find the free games in the store.

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How to get free Epic Games games: download step by step

Each month, Epic Games offers a series of free games for a limited time. That means that it has a start and end date to be able to download every video game. They are digital titles that can only be played on the computer, so you first have to download and install the Epic Games Launcher. It is the official application compatible with Windows and Mac with which you can easily access the complete catalogyour library and other interesting sections.

Free Games Epic Games Store

In the Epic Games Store there is a section of free games available

How to create an Epic Games account?

Go to the main Epic Games website and log in. Choose the method to access by email, Facebook, Google account, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo and others.


If you already have the application installed, access with your user data or create a new account from the main page. Once inside, you will find all the news of the week and the free games available by scrolling on the same page. The period of time that will be free to be able to download and in the tab [Ver más] free games are found temporarily and permanently, also known as free-to-play. In addition there are also game demo that can be tested. Follow these 3 steps to download the free games.

  1. Click on the image of the free game.
  2. give to [Obtener] and a new window is loaded.
  3. Select the option [Realizar pedido] and it will be added to your library.
How to download free games from Epic Games

Free Epic Games games can be downloaded from the app

From that moment, the game will be available in your bookstore from Epic Games. You can check on this page the real price of the game, as well as the gratuity of the same to avoid unnecessary scares. You can change your mind before placing the order, in which case you can hit the [X] located at the top right of the Order Summary.

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How to install Epic Games on PC

Don’t have Epic Games on your computer? then you can enter Epic Games main website from the browser and perform the same process by logging in. Next to this option, you can get the file to install the application on your team. So you can easily access from PC to play video games and download all games free in your library.

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How to access the Epic Games Library?

The Epic Games Store library is located in the main menu on the left, under the Store. From there you can access all the games you have downloaded or purchased at some point.

How to install an Epic Games game

How to install Epic Games

Enter the Epic Games library to install games


Now comes the best part of the tutorial because all that is missing is Install the Game on your computer. Without closing the Epic Games app, access the library where you will find all the games that you have downloaded for free and those that you have bought at some point. Here are the games you own and under the covers two words may appear: install or start (picture).

Select the game you want to install from the library. It opens a popup window to set the installation as the folder where the files will be saved. Click on the button [Instalar] to start the process. Upon completion, the game will be ready to start and a message will appear. shortcut on your desktop if you have selected the corresponding option.

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