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How to easily defeat Myrkul in Baldur’s Gate 3

how to easily defeat myrkul in baldur's gate 3

We show you how to easily defeat Ketheric Thorm for the second time and the big boss Myrkul at the end of Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to easily defeat Myrkul in Baldur's Gate 3

In the underside of the hive mind flayerright at end of act 2awaits us big boss battle in Baldur’s Gate 3, against Myrkul, practically a god what we will have before us. One of the most powerful beings that we will face in the game, and all this will be clear, after defeating Ketheric Thorm.


Let’s say it’s a two phase boss battle. First Ketheric Thorm and then Myrkul, possibly much tougher, but be careful with both equally. We are going to review in this guide how to easily defeat each one.

preparing the fight

For a start, it is a priority to rescue the Night Songif we don’t release it it is impossible to hurt Thorm, plus it will be a great ally in battle. The next thing you should do is kill the mind flayerthere will be many more enemies in the middle and throughout the area, although they are a nuisance, the most problematic is the mind flayer.

You can go from brains or necrolites. Now we will have to go for Thorm, but carefully.


Battle against Ketheric Thorm

We are before a pretty tough boss, with high defensebut also with some deadly melee blows.

  • Level: eleven
  • Hit Points (Life): 145

The strategy to defeat him will be to keep him busymaybe with a copy, illusion, summon, whatever. In the meantime throw everything you can but from distance, without leveling up, which also shows Myrkul in that area and we don’t want to be there right after defeating Thorm. When He has little life left if you can try to get closer and look for a more direct confrontationbut be careful, always someone moderately tanky or with protections on top.

Battle against Myrkul

After defeating Thorm, the real boss will come, it’s huge, it’s hard not to see it, but you have to take many things into account before jumping headlong. Around Myrkul an area called “chill the bones” that does not allow healingTherefore, be attentive to your life.

  • Level: eleven
  • Hit Points (Life): 225

the fight has to develop similar to that of Thormif you go up to the platform that is with the tanks or more stamina of the team, the rest at a distance. At this point Night Song will already be supporting and hitting as well. You can use for example the Radiant Guardians of Shadowheartto protect and do damage around, as well as put heals outside the danger zone.

We will have to be very careful with Myrkul's attacks in Baldur's Gate 3

We will have to be very careful with Myrkul’s attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3


Also ranged sneak hits with Astarionthe fireball and the like with Gale. There are many options, of everything you have, rotate carefully, but giving it your all, after this there is no more so spend without problem.

If you have more questions you can consult our frequently asked questions section.

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