How to get a large flower pot at Hogwarts Legacy to get the Flipendo spell | we are xbox

On our adventures in Hogwarts Legacy we must unravel a mystery from the past involving dark magic, evil goblins and many secrets, but we must not forget to attend classes and complete tasks for our teachers in order to get all the spells. In this sense, today we tell you how to get a large pot in Hogwarts Legacy to get the Flipendo spellwhich is part of task 2 of Professor Garlick of Herbology and which can cause some difficulties since the game does not explain in detail the steps to follow in order to carry out this mission.

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In the second objective of the task, the one who asks growing and harvesting descurainia sophia, you will have noticed that the small pot available in the Herbology class is not enough to complete the mission. To do so, you must first buy seeds of this plant from the seed vendor in the north of Hogsmeade and, most importantly, get a large pot. You can buy it in the store tomes and scrollswhere you will find a table with a pot for 1,000 gold and an even larger table with two pots for 3,000 gold.

Once you have purchased it, go to the Room of Requirement and place it in order to start growing and harvesting descurainia sophia and complete Professor Garlick’s second task. Doing so will teach you the legendary Flipendo spell, with which you can knock enemies to the ground. Remember that Hogwarts Legacy is already available on Xbox Series X | S and other next-generation platforms and that it will also be available later on Xbox One.

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