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How to get all the keys of daedalus in Hogwarts Legacy | we are xbox

One of the best aspects that are present in Hogwarts Legacy is the large number of mysteries that its world entails, and more specifically the walls of Hogwarts. One of the many collectibles that we can find in the title are the keys of mazewhich will serve to open the furniture in the house, which contains a secret for the one who manages to open it first.

As with the rest of the title’s collectibles, the Daedalus Keys can be obtained as a result of completing a secondary mission, following the model chosen by Avalanche Software to introduce us to all the elements included in its recreation of the Magical World. To do this, we will have to talk to Nellie Oggspire, who is next to the Astronomy Tower, and once we talk to her we can start the search for these keys.


Hogwarts Legacy Analysis

As in the rest of missions of this type, the first of the objectives will appear marked on the map. First of all, we must discover a piece of furniture that includes a lock, and our objective will be to find the key that fits in it. Far from being a key hidden in a chest, the Daedalus keys will be flying, and we can discover them using Revelio (as with everything). Once discovered, we will approach it, and it will go directly to the furniture that we found in the first place.

To be able to open the cabinet, the key will move randomly throughout the length and width of it, and we will have to stop it at the precise moment to be able to open it. as advice, when the key crosses right through the center, it is normal for it to make 2 movements afterwards, and 3 (almost always) is to move back to the center. Once the first piece of furniture is open, we can go back to Nellie to tell her that we have opened it, and so we can go for the rest of the keys.

How to get all the keys of daedalus in Hogwarts Legacy

The rest of the Daedalus Keys can be found in the following locations:

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, Astronomy Wing: We stand in front of the classroom door, and we will only have to look to the right on this same floor.
  • Potions Classroom, Central Lobby (access to the Library): we will only have to advance through the corridor, and the key will move up the stairs.
  • grand staircase: in this case we will have to go up the stairs, until we see it (or rather hear it). Once this is done, we will have to go down to the ground floor, and the furniture will be near the clocks that mark the points of the house.
  • Library, Central Lobby: in this case we will have to use Revelio, but it will not be particularly difficult to find.
  • Courtyard of the Bell Tower, Entrance wing of the Bell Tower: We will have to go up the stairs that are in the door on the right if we enter from outside. The key is on one of these floors, while the cabinet is practically on top.
  • Cobbled patio, outside: the key is in the upper part of the patio, while the furniture is in the lower part.
  • Big dining room: Outside the Great Hall, we will have to go through the next two doors until we reach the lobby. We will have to go to the stairs, where the key is located, and then go down them and go to the bottom right.
  • Great Dining Room, interior: Look for the key near the Slytherin table and follow it in a straight line to the place where the furniture is.
  • x2 Central Lobby: a piece of furniture is in the lower area, next to the Library and another in the upper area.
  • Cellars, Chamber of Maps (Secret Rooms): Exit the Chamber of Maps and go up the stairs. You will come to a metal door leading to a cellar. Turn left, go down the stairs, go straight, activate the key and go back to the cellar.
  • Cellars, Chamber of Maps (Secret Rooms): In this case, we must follow the same process as before, but once we go downstairs, we will continue along the corridor to a statue of a sleeping dragon, activate the key and follow it to the piece of furniture, which is located in the upper area of ​​the room. hall.
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How to get all the keys of daedalus in Hogwarts Legacy

To get the other three Daedalus keys we will have to carry out a main story mission, specifically the one in which we unlock the Alohomora spell. Once started, we can access the furniture at that time or later with greater peace of mind.

  • Teachers Tower, South Wing: found as soon as you enter the area. The key is on the way to the first floor.
  • Nursing, Teachers Tower: The piece of furniture is on the first floor of the tower and the key is in the corridor that goes to the Hogwarts pendulum mechanisms on the same floor, where the paintings are.
  • Clock Tower Courtyard (where Crossed Wands duel): Use Alohomora on the left door from the courtyard or go down the stairs from the hallway where you saw the key to the previous piece of furniture. Halfway you find both the key and the piece of furniture, you can’t miss it.

Once we have the 16 Daedalus keys, we can go to the common room of our house. Once this is done, we will only have to place what we have obtained in each of the pieces of furniture and the trunk will open, giving us access to a special layer of the house to which we belong. Later, we can go talk to Nelli Oggspire to inform her that we have obtained all the keys from Daedalus and tell her what was inside the trunk.