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How to get free legendary skins/skins in Overwatch 2

With the move to Free2Play, getting new cosmetics in Overwatch 2 without paying has become an odyssey. Not only are the prices very high, but also the rewards they give to players who don’t invest in the game are very limited, having to spend literally months earning the weekly rewards to be able to buy a single legendary skin. This is why we must take advantage of any opportunity that Activision-Blizzard-King gives us to get free cosmetics and today we are going to tell you how to get free legendary skins by watching the Overwatch League.

How to get free legendary skins in Overwatch 2 by watching the Overwatch League

The first thing I’d like to do before I get down to business is give the Overwatch 2 team a big slap on the wrist for raising the price of these legendary skins from 200 to 300 Overwatch League tokens with the move to Free2Play. As always, thinking of the players.

These tokens can be purchased for real money and can be spent on alternate colors for basic character models or exclusive legendary skins. But there is a way to get them for free and that is by watching the Overwatch League (OWL). For this we have three ways to do it:

  1. See the official broadcasts on the OWL website, where there is usually a calendar with the next broadcasts. To earn tokens you have to log in with your account and watch the broadcast for several hours, because they only give 5 tokens per hour. There is a little green ball under the video that shows that everything is correct and you will receive your tokens. But there is a problem and that is that many people, including myself, tend to turn gray randomly after a while, having to reload the page so that it counts again as if I am watching it on broadcast. It is for this reason that I personally do not recommend this method.

    Overwatch 2 Legendary Skins Free Legendary Skins Overwatch League OWL
    If you see this little green ball, everything is fine

  2. Watch the official broadcasts on Youtube. You have to connect your account with your Youtube account. To do this, click here to go to the connected apps section of your YouTube account and select the app. You just have to follow the instructions. If you do all the steps correctly, the button changes to “connected” and below the OWL streams you will see a diamond icon that also says “connected”. You can watch streaming from youtube on your pc or from the official app on your phone (smart TV doesn’t work!). This method also works poorly for me, because after a while the stream pauses and doesn’t count as live so I won’t get any tokens.
    Overwatch 2 Legendary Skins Free Legendary Skins Overwatch League OWL
    To make sure your accounts are properly connected, the diamond below the stream needs to say “connected” instead of “rewards available”

  3. Use the Omnic_Rewards program on PC. This is a tracking program designed to help players earn Overwatch League tokens and Contenders skins. It was created by developer Shiro K. ( on github. Before getting into the matter, a warning: this application is NOT OFFICIALbut thousands of users use it and I personally I’ve been using it for almost a year without any problems and it gets all the possible rewards. It is a free application that, once configured, barely consumes computer resources and is constantly in the background checking if there is an OWL match on broadcast. If there is, it stays minimized in the task bar “watching” the game and collecting the OWL tokens without us having to do anything. In addition, it allows you to configure it so that the computer automatically turns off when the matches of the day are over, which is quite useful due to the early morning hours that the OWL has if you watch it from USA. Having said this, let’s proceed to how to install and configure this program:
      1. The first thing is download it from the Git Hub page. For this we will select the version of the program that we want to download depending on whether we use Windows, Mac or Linux. In my case I use Windows, so that is the version that I downloaded and the one that we are going to use in the rest of the tutorial to take the screenshots.

      2. Once downloaded, we run it and the program will hide in the application box on the toolbar (first image). It doesn’t bother at all. Next we have to right click and select the option “Account: click here to setup” and follow the steps that it puts in the window that will open. That is, go to the blizzard website, enter with our username and password and then enter this website to see what our account ID is, which we will have to put in the “UseriD” section at the bottom. If, for whatever reason, the website where your ID is displayed does not load, try another browser or device, because some browsers do not display it correctly.
      3. If you have done everything correctly, you will not have to configure anything else and the menu that will appear when you right-click on the application icon will be like the one you can see below. In order for the computer to turn off automatically at the end of the matches, you will have to check the “Shutdown on End” option.

Clever! Following any of these three options you already have your account ready and configured for get free tokens with which to buy the legendary skins of the Overwatch 2 League.

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