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How to get the Shadowmourne, the legendary ax of WotLK

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With the release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, it is time to recover some of the ancient traditions. One of them is to get the legendary weapons that this expansion brings us. Some of you already know what we are talking about: The Shadowmourne or Agony of Shadows. We are talking about a legendary two-handed ax that can only be used by Gentlemen of the Death, Warriors Y paladins.

To obtain it we must complete a chain of missions that, far from being able to do it in an afternoon, it will take us months to complete. And it is that we will have to enter on numerous occasions to some raid to kill hundreds of enemies or obtain items that have a low drop rate. Next we will explain the missions that you must complete to get this Shadowmourne.


Everything you need to get the Shadowmourne

Unlocking this chain of missions requires going to the Icecrown Citadel (ICC). We have to enter the RAID and talk to Highlord Darion Mograine. That will be the trigger that will take us to the next step. Of course, we warn you that to activate it you must have a friendly reputation with the Ashen Verdictso activating it will take a long time.

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1. The sacred and the corrupt

Once we activate the chain we will receive this first mission. In it they will send us to collect different materials that, of course, will also need time. Among them we find:

  • x25 Primordial Saronite: ICC Bosses at 10 Heroic, 25 Normal, and 25 Heroic or buy them for 23 Frost Emblems from vendors in each Dalaran faction.
  • Acidic Blood of Rotface: Raids of 25 and a chance of 19%.
  • Chancrebelly Acid Blood: Raids of 25 and a chance of 19%.
  • Vengeance of the Light: We must go to Dragon’s Cemetery, to the point (74-24). There will begin an event against Arthas to get what was his weapon until he wielded the Frostmourne.

2. Edge of Shadows

At this point we will be given the Shadow’s Edgeweapon that in the future will become the Shadowmourne.

3. A feast of souls

We will have to equip the Edge of Shadows and kill 1,000 ICC monsters, both in 10 and 25. Yes, you read correctly. Get ready because you will have to suffer for a few weeks.

4. Unholy Infusion

We can only complete it 25 normal or 25 heroic, so it already starts with an added difficulty. What we have to do is kill Professor Putricide when we are transformed into a mutated Abomination. This transformation is activated on the experiment table in front of the enemy.


Of course we must have the Edge of Shadows equipped and get 100 points of mucus energy that will allow us to activate the skill called «Shadow Infusion«. Once you transform you have 6 minutes to finish him off. bossSo you have to be quick.

5. Blood infusion

As in the previous one, we continue in 25 normal or 25 heroic. We will have to fight against Blood Queen Lana’thel and most importantly, we have to be the ones to initiate the fight or the ones who take the attention of the boss. The idea is to mark us with blood mirrora debuff that will make 50% of the damage we inflict reflect on us.

The next thing will be to get the Queen to bite us and mark us with Essence of the Blood Queen. However, if he bites a partner he can always pass it on to us. But here comes the good stuff. When the end debuff our character will stay completely stillalthough we can use a skill: vampire bite. In 10 seconds or less we will have to bite another partner. In case of doing it three times in the battle, Shadow’s Edge will be marked and we must take down Blood-Queen Lana’thel before she disappears..


6. Frost Infusion

How did you know? Yes, we also have to complete it in 25 normal or 25 heroic. We will need good healers, so you must warn them to prepare. The idea is that Sindragosa must reach us with his Frost Breath on 4 occasions. As soon as we have all 4 charges, which will force the healers to be completely focused on you, you must deal as much damage as possible and finish the battle.

7. The Splintered Throne

The most tortuous mission of the entire chain. If the one to kill 1,000 enemies seemed boring to you, this will be double. we have to get 50 Shadow Frost Shards released by the ICC bosses. Its probability is low, specifically 10/50% at 25 normal and some more of 55% at 25 heroic. You may need months to complete it, so you should take it easy.

8. Shadow Agony

And it’s over, once we complete the seventh mission we will deliver everything and we will get a last one that will give us the desired Shadowmourne.


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