How to invite your friends to Pokemon GO Raids

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Invite your friends to Pokemon GO Raids it’s one of the safest ways to complete them without constantly getting beaten.

Raids are optional events where players can face off against a powerful boss. They are usually linked to invasions that will give you the chance to catch exclusive, albeit difficult to defeat, Pokemon.

In this article we will teach you how to invite your friends to Pokemon GO Raids to increase your chances of victory.

What are Raids and how to access them?

The Raids of Pokemon GO they are nothing more than an optional combat dynamic for the players. They occur when a Raid Boss invades a Gymand Trainers have a chance to defeat and capture it for special rewards.

Being a Raid, Trainers can team up in groups to complete this challenge, which will come in handy on higher difficulty levels. The Pokemon GO raids They are divided into four levels: 1-Star, 3-Star, 5-Star, and Mega Raids. Each of them presents a boss and an exclusive difficulty with respect to the others.

To participate in Raids Pokemon GO you will need a raid passwhich you can earn daily by spinning the Photodisc of a Gym. Remote Raid Passes exist so you can play from anywhere, in case you can’t leave your home. You can buy both from the Pokemon GO store.

Knowing this, we will see the dates and heads of the different Pokemon GO Raids Available in September 2022.

How to invite your friends to Pokemon GO Raids

Invite your friends to Pokemon GO Raids Not only is it possible, but it’s a viable strategy for those who want to complete a Raid fast.

By communicating with your friends, you will be able to better plan a strategy to defeat the raid boss. Have two or more coaches using the counters of the powerful Pokemon or supporting each other can quickly change the outcome of a Raid.

To invite your friends you just have to enter a Gym with an active Raid and enter the room. On the right, above the icons, you will find a “+” button. By pressing it you will be able to select the friends you want to invite to complete the Raid together.

The friends you invite will receive a notification, as well as an invitation on the game screen. However, your friends will need to have a Remote Raid Pass in their inventory in order to join, and they must do so before Matchmaking ends.

This way you won’t have to do the challenging Pokemon GO Raids alone. You can invite up to five colleagues to help you, if they all manage to join in time and are level 5 or higher. To change the guest trainers you will have to leave the room and enter again.

invite friends pokemon go raids

raids of Pokemon GO in January 2023: 5 stars

The raids 5 Star they will be much more challenging battles than the ones you have seen so far. However, they will also be a way to capture legendaries in Pokemon GO during January 2023.

In these adventures you can easily be defeated if you don’t know the Pokemon or if you risk it without enough partners. For this reason, we recommend you always pay attention to our guides to increase your probability of success.

These are all the confirmed 5-star bosses for January 2023:

  • Regice – From January 18 to 25
  • Tapu Koko – From January 25 to February 1

invite friends pokemon go raids

All the raid hours of January 2023 in Pokemon GO

Currently there are four raid hours per month, which take place every Tuesday and allow us to capture special Pokemon for 60 minutes.

Confirmed Raid times for January 2023 include Regice on January 18 and Tapu Koko on January 25. We recommend you pay attention to all our guides to be more successful in these events.

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