How to play Solo, Session or Crew in GTA Online

Tom Henry

how to play solo, session or crew in gta online

We teach you the differences between the different modes and sessions that GTA Online has and how to play calmly alone.

How to play Solo, Session or Crew in GTA Online

GTA Online, as indicated by the game mode, is designed to be a multiplayer experienceperhaps in a more massive way with other players in the world in public session or with our friendsin Crewbut also it is possible to play completely alone. This is because of the different types of sessions that we can create and enter.

Connect to GTA Online with friends or Crew

To enter to play GTA Online we can do it from the pause menu in single player modein section “On-line” either from the game’s own home loading screen. Pressing a button will directly load a multiplayer session with our last played character.

In this case it is simple, because if we want to play with friends and on top of that they are from the same Crew we can select “Crew Session” either “private crew session”. It is also possible to use the “invite session” to play with friendsbeyond the crew and invite by hand whoever we want.

How to play solo in GTA Online

It is possible to play GTA Online completely alone and so that nobody bothers us. For this there are several options:

  • enter the game pause menu. Access the Online section to consult the different sessions and modes.
    • we can select “session by invitation” to be alone and not invite anyoneand more or less have more functions inside the session.
    • It is also possible to play a “solo session”another good option but that limits some online functions such as president jobs or VIPs.

You can take the differences into account or not. In the end, many people also search the trick to stay alone in a public sessionWell, it is the most open and free form that the game has, with all its functions and on top of that, nobody bothers, but let’s say that it’s hard for that to happen. If you have any more questions related to the game, we recommend you consult the frequently asked questions section.

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