How to rank up in the Pokemon GO League

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How to rank up in the Pokemon GO League

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rank up in Pokemon GO it is a tremendous effort for those who are not familiar with GO Battle League.

As you win games your rank will increase, which means that the system will start matching you with better players. These will have more techniques or will know the formats better, and defeating them can be a challenge. Also, as you progress, each rank will require more effort than the last.

In this opportunity we will explain all the ranks that exist and the requirements to climb to each of them in Pokemon GO.

Requirements to rank up Pokemon GO

Like most modern games, we can get ranks in Pokemon GO that represent our performance in the GO Fighting League.

Ranking up is not a fixed formula. Depending on the rank you are in, you will need to win or just fight in the combat league. That said, the more wins you rack up, the faster you’ll progress to max rank and be able to claim the rewards.

These are all the ranks and their requirements in Pokemon GO:

  • Rank 1: The rank you get when you start
  • Rank 2: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 3: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 4: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 5: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 6: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 7: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 8: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 9: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 10: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 11: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 12: Requires 5 wins
  • Rank 13: Requires 6 wins
  • Rank 14: Requires 7 wins
  • Rank 15: Requires 8 wins
  • Rank 16: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 17: Requires 10 wins
  • Rank 18: Requires 15 wins
  • Rank 19: Requires 20 wins
  • Rank 20: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 21: Requires to exceed 2000 rating points
  • Rank 22: Requires to exceed 2500 rating points
  • Rank 23: Requires to exceed 2750 rating points
  • Rank 24: Requires over 3000 rating points

Season 15 Rank Up Rewards

Ranking up is a way to gain experience along with some rewards. In the Season 15 of the combat league of Pokemon GOthe prizes will not be left behind.

Each rank will mean an encounter with some Pokemon special, and some of them may appear in their Shiny variants (marked with a *). You can see all the awards below:

  • Rank 1 (Guaranteed): Encounter Excadrill
  • Rank > 1: Encounter Marill, Gligar, Wingull, Nosepass or Meditite
  • Rank 6 (Guaranteed): Skwovet encounter
  • Rank > 6: Encounter Spheal or Frillish
  • Rank > 11: Encounter Onix, Lickitung, Wobbuffet, Phantump, or Mareanie
  • Rank > 16: Encounter Scraggy, Wooloo, or Falinks
  • Rank 19 (Guaranteed): Elite Charged and Quick Attack TM at the end of the season
  • Rank > 20: 5-Star Raids current boss encounter
  • Cool (Guaranteed): Axew encounter and Yakon-inspired hat and shoes (Pokemon Black and White)
  • Veteran (Guaranteed): Gible encounter and Yakon-inspired pants (Pokemon Black and White)
  • Expert (Guaranteed): Goomy encounter, and Yakon-inspired shirt (Pokemon Black and White)
  • Legend (Guaranteed): Encounter with Pikachu Libre and the Yakon-inspired pose (Pokemon Black and White).

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The Elemental Cup to rank up in Pokemon GO

If you want to rank up in Pokemon GOyou will need to take advantage of each of the cups and leagues that will be available.

You can always check the Season 15 calendar to stay up to date with the official competitions. Starting June 15, the Ultra Ball League will be held accompanied by the Elemental Cup: Small Edition.

In the Elemental Cup you can only participate with Pokemon of 500 PC or less, and that are of the Fire, Grass and Water types. Also, they will need to be of a species that can evolve and has never done so.

Ultra Ball League only accepts Pokemon with a maximum of 2,500 CP. Other than this, any of your monsters can participate.

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