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How to select wand and house in Hogwarts Legacy

How to select wand and house in Hogwarts Legacy jpg

In August 2022 it was revealed from the official Wizarding World website that he could be selected Wand Y house in Hogwarts Legacy before the game’s release. Probably the most important decision that we will have to make as soon as we start this adventure. Being something so characteristic of the saga, it was evident that it was going to be in Hogwarts Legacy. Although it is true that within the universe it is chosen directly by the Sorting HatHere we can decide for ourselves. Here we will explain how you can select it before it goes on sale.


Probably the decision of the house in Hogwarts Legacy important in the narrative of the story.

So you can select your wand and house in Hogwarts Legacy

First of all, it should be said that to do so it is necessary to complete a questionnaire that will tell you what hogwarts legacy house you belong to: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Afterwards, your results can be transferred to the game by linking the account so that the selection is automatic.

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First you will need to create an account -or log in if you already have one- in Wizarding World. The next thing will be to complete the tests that you can access by entering your profile and selecting the “+” sEsports Extrasin “home” and in “wand”. Once it has been done, you can hit “copy” and they will send you an eight-digit code that will help you transfer the information from the wand and the house of Hogwarts Legacy. You will have to create an account -or log in- on the official Warner Bros Games website, there they will ask you for the code. Paste it and you will have managed to link the account Wizarding World with that of Warner Bros Games.

Although you also have the option of downloading the application for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and completing the questionnaires there, in case it is more comfortable and simple for you.

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The questionnaires -and the website in general- are only available in English, both in the web version and in the mobile application.


Apart from being able to select Wand Y house in Hogwarts Legacy before its release date, if you do so you will receive two in-game rewards for doing so: a skull mask with beak and one house school tunic.

What we know about the game


Hogwarts Legacy It will be an open world role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software and set in the fantastic universe of the Harry Potter saga created by the writer JK Rowling, but before the events of the books in the 19th century. Its release date is scheduled for February 10, 2023 in PC, PS5 Y Xbox Series X/Sin April 2023 it will reach ps4 Y Xbox One. users of nintendoswitch we will have to wait until July 25, 2023. At the moment, it is unknown if the game will come to the hybrid console in a cloud version or not. It is worth mentioning that Hogwarts Legacy will not have microtransactions.

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The player will be able to create his own customizable character in hogwarts legacy, which must belong to one of the four houses. And during the development of the story, our character will be influenced in some way by the missions we have done. In addition, different spells can be combined to perfect our combat style. We will have to progress little by little by learning new spells, leveling up and improving our skills.

On the other hand, outside the school we can visit Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade town, Hogsmeade station and even the Forbidden Forest. The downside is that, as confirmed on the official website, there will be no Quidditch matches in Hogwarts Legacy. Although it will be possible to fly with brooms and mounts to move around the world and to race.


What do you think can be selected? Wand Y house in Hogwarts Legacy before its premiere? What is your favorite house?

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