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How to turn off the PS5: all the ways

Find out the best way to turn off the PS5 console.

The PS5 console has up to three ways to turn off with and without a controller

playstation 5 It’s an impressive console that gets the most out of today’s graphics. has inherited many previous generation features, so it’s easy to find a sleep mode to save resources and different ways to turn off the console. If you can turn off the PS5 in various ways and today we teach you all the methods you can use for it. To unplug the console it is necessary turn off ps5 correctly and you will avoid more than one scare.


Although it seems obvious, it is very important to turn off the console to improve its useful life and avoid problems in the future. PS5 allows you to turn off the system from the console itselfbut also from the DualSense remote or from the official app. The latter is interesting because players can play PS5 from a PC or mobile with PS Remote Play. In the following guide you can see how to turn off the PS5 console in the three ways and all they are completely safe.

Turn off the PS5 from the console

PS5 on/off button

This is the PS5 on/off button


It is not the most comfortable, but sometimes there is no choice but to get up from the sofa and turn off the console manually. This can be useful in case the controller has stuck No battery at the last moment or the system has frozen. The power button is also used to turn off the machine and is located in the front.

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What happens if I turn off my PS5 while downloading a game?

The game download it pauses when ps5 is turned off and will resume when the console is turned on again.


if you have placed the PS5 in portrait or landscape, this button stays at the bottom or at the far right, respectively. Now you just have to hold button power switch until you hear two beeps. This means that the console has been turned off. completelybut it is not the only method available.

Turn off the PS5 from the controller

Why give up the comfort of remote control? The DualSense controller is the player’s best ally in and out of the game. It will permit you navigate the interface from the console, make purchases, redeem codes and also turn off the PS5 without moving from the sofa. This is nothing new, since it could be done on PS4.


The PS button has changed its shape, but has the same function. The user can press the PlayStation symbol to access a popup menu and on the right side there is an on/off icon. Select this option and press the X button on the controller to confirm. The console will turn off instantly. However, you can try PS5 safe mode if you have some problem.

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Turn off the PS5 from the mobile app

PS Remote Play for mobile

With PS Remote Play you can play, turn the PS5 on and off

PlayStation 5 has some very useful functionality for use the machine remotely. This allows you to turn the console on and off from your mobile, but first you need to install the PS Remote Play application to iOS either Android. According to the description of this app, it is possible to access your PS5 from anywhere and that also includes the possibility of turning off the console remotely. First you have to link the mobile with the console following these steps:

  1. Turn on the PS5 console.
  2. Enter the setting from the gear-shaped button.
  3. Access the [Sistema] and select the option [Remote Play].
  4. Enable the option [Activar Remote Play].
  5. on mobileenter the PS Remote Play app.
  6. Log in with your user data.
  7. Choose your PS5 console to connect both devices.

In a few seconds, the console and the mobile they will have linked and you can now turn it off from the application. This function is in the playstation logo at the bottom center of the screen. Select the option of [Encendido] Y press [Apagar PS5] to perform this action on the mobile.

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Put the PS5 to sleep

PS5 rest mode

PS5 sleep mode can be programmed


It must be said that from the application this function also appears. Do not confuse turning off with the PS5 rest mode. It is among the system settings, but not the correct way to turn off the console. If you activate this mode, the machine stays in a sleep state where fewer resources are spent and keeps intact what you are doing at that moment.

What happens if I leave the PS5 in rest mode overnight?


Sleep mode is an exceptional situation and shouldn’t be left for long In this state. Some players may experience hangs and crashes that can cause the loss of progress or the game.

It is recommended to use sleep mode if you are going away for a while. It can even be programmed so that the console saves energy when it takes a long time. inactive. This method is in [Sistema]in the section called [Ahorro de energía]. In this menu you have to choose [Establecer tiempo hasta que la consola entre en modo reposo] and select the time slot you want. you can equally enter sleep mode directly in the power options.


These are the three methods to turn off the PS5 console correctly and safely. If you experience any problems with power on/off, you can contact the technical support PlayStation for other solutions.

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