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How to use the Switch Joy-Con on PC: step by step

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Follow these steps to use your Joy-Con controllers on your computer.

How to connect Switch Joy-Con to PC
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers can be connected to PC

Everyone knows that console controls can be used on PC. The same is true of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, although it is less common to play with them. Are compatible with the operating system Windows 10but the default settings recognize the Joy-Con as two different controls. That can be easily changed and here is a complete guide to explain it. Follow these steps to connect the Switch Joy-Con to your computer and enjoy the games with these controllers.

Joy-Con controllers have bluetooth technology, a perfect ally to synchronize with the Windows ecosystem. That means that the team PC or laptop, you must have a Bluetooth connection to carry out this simple process. If you are not sure if you have this function, you can enter the [Configuración] of the computer and select [Dispositivos]. At the top will appear the option to add bluetooth and other devices, in addition to showing the peripherals that you already have connected such as the keyboard or the mouse. You can too buy a bluetooth adapter if your computer does not have it.


USB 5.1 Bluetooth Adapter

  • How to use Joy-Con controls on PC: step by step
  • How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to PC

How to use Joy-Con controls on PC: step by step

From the menu of [Dispositivos] too easy connect Joy-Con controllers from Nintendo Switch to PC. With this configuration method it is possible synchronize the controlsso you have to activate the Bluetooth and press the button to [Agregar Bluetooth u otro dispositivo]. Then a new menu opens, where you have to select the way to find the peripheral. Choose the option [Bluetooth] and the system will search the nearby devices automatically.

Joy-Con pairing button

This is the Joy-Con controller pairing button


Meanwhile, take one of the two controllers and hold the pairing button (image) that is in the internal part. Do this until the green lights on the Joy-Con itself. If you’ve done it right, the command should appear in a device list instantly with the name of [Joy-Con]. Select the controller to pair and will complete the process successfully. For security, the system may request a PIN lock which in this case will be 0000.

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Then you have to repeat the same steps with the second Joy-Con controller. Syncing your Switch controllers is just the beginning because the system recognizes them as two independent controls. To use them as a single controller, it is necessary to download an application called vJoy and install the utility Joy-Con Driver for Windows 10.

How to use the Joy-Con as a single controller

So far it has been very easy to connect the controls, but it comes the most important step. We want Windows 10 to recognize the two Joy-Con as the same controller to play video games on steam, for example. Go to SourceForge to download vjoy on your computer. When you install the app, don’t forget to check all the initial options for it to work properly. This process will end with the installing some drivers necessary to perform the configuration.

How to connect Joy-Con controllers to PC

Use vJoy to use Joy-Con controllers on PC

Then you can open the app configure vJoy, where you have to select the tab number 1 that you can see in the image. In it Number of buttons you have to put a 32, disable the option Enable Effects and click Apply to confirm this configuration. Then press tab 2 and select the button [Add Device] to add a second Joy-Con controller. This unlocks a list of options, where you have to deselect [Slider] Y [Dial/Slider 2]. This time enter 16 in the Number of Buttons and hit apply as you did before.

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How to use the Joy-Con with Steam?


enter the menu [Parámetros] and hit [Cambiar] on the beta participation. Choose Steam Beta Update and hit [Aceptar]. Restart the Steam platform to use Joy-Con controllers

Finally and without closing the current application, touch download utility JoyCon-Driver for Windows 10. Unzip the zip file and run the file joycon-driver.exe. A window with options appears and you have to check [Combine JoyCons]. press [Start] for the program to execute the instructions, which process will end with a “Done” on the black screen and the controls will vibrate. This is the confirmation that the process has finished and the lights of the Joy-Con are already do not blink.


Download the JoyCon Driver utility to connect Joy-Con controllers to PC

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to PC

Most Switch players also have the nintendo pro controller. It is a more traditional controller to play comfortably on television. Is wireless and also compatible with the PC. This means that you can connect to computer in a very similar way to the Joy-Con. First make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your device and add a device from [Bluetooth y otros dispositivos]. Choose the Pro Controller from the list to automatically sync.

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This is the wireless connection, but you can also connect switch pro controller with cable. It’s even easier than syncing, as you just have to connect both devices and start to play. The system will recognize the device as an Xbox controller, so users controls are default. Keep this detail in mind when playing on the computer.


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