Huawei would force to change the name of the Apple Vision Pro in China

huawei would force to change the name of the apple

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Huawei would force to change the name of the Apple Vision Pro in China

Apple has done it again, it has presented a new device that apparently has no direct competition in the market and of course, it will come with a high price. These are the Vision Pro glasses, which provide us with a mixed reality experience at a price of $3,499. They will arrive at the beginning of 2024, although in China could be sold under another name, since Huawei owns the rights to “Vision Pro” and Apple would be forced to change it.

The Apple Vision Pro glasses have been quite interesting since we first learned of their existence. Months ago, announced as Apple AR glasses, they were going to bring top-of-the-range hardware that was beginning to give us that feeling that they were going to be leaders in terms of power. with a powerful M2 chip that we find in MacBook laptops and 16GB RAM, these glasses promised a lot from the beginning. But it didn’t take long for rumors of a high price to appear, of between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars.

Huawei owns Vision Pro rights until 2031, Apple in trouble

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As we saw in Apple’s presentation, even the price rumors had been low, since they ended up being more expensive. We are facing a niche device, aimed at developers, professionals and content creators. Knowing this and taking into account that some much lower sales Regarding other Apple devices, the company was already thinking of launching a cheaper version called Vision without the addition of the Pro.

Perhaps this name is the solution, since it is now revealed that Huawei owns the rights to the name “Vision Pro” until 2031. It was in 2019 when the company obtained said trademark and in this way it has right to be able to use said name for its products or services. Considering that it is the exact name of Apple’s Vision Pro glasses, Huawei could force it to change it if it wants to sell them in China.

Apple could negotiate with Huawei as it did in the past with iPad in China

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Huawei has already launched several products in its Vision range, including smart glasses (Vision Glass) and TV (Vision S). Taking this into account, Apple could be in trouble and other alternatives would have to be chosen. Assuming there will be name disputes, Apple could end up using Vision Pro for its glasses in China, as long as pay Huawei for your rights. In fact, in the past, the bitten apple company paid PROVIEW TECHNOLOGY in China in order to guarantee the iPad rights.

Taking into account that the Asian giant is one of the countries where the most Apple products are sold, such as the iPhone, it is expected that this will be great importance in driving sales of Vision Pro. If so, we are sure that Apple will agree to negotiate with Huawei to reach an agreement so that Vision Pro can be used in China. Otherwise a name change would cause confusion among your Asian customers. Now, until the beginning of next year, the Vision Pro glasses are not expected to be available, so we will see if there are any changes to date.

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