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I Am Jesus Christ shows its miraculous gameplay trailer

The messiah simulator, I Am Jesus Christ from the developer SimulateM has received a new gameplay trailer in which they show us their virtues. Presented at Esports ExtrasFan Fest, it is a game in which we will embody the very messiah, Jesus Christ.

In the trailer you can see that Jesus will follow missions based on the books of the Bible that speak of his life. He will continue missions such as talking to Mary, meeting with the apostles and above all performing miracles. Among the powers we were able to see are: walking on the surface of the water, turning water into wine, curing the sick, and changing the weather. In addition, we can see one of the most iconic moments in the life of Jesus, The Holy Supper.

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I Am Jesus Christ it does not have a release date, but is expected to release sometime this year. At the moment it will be released for PC, and possibly we will have a release for consoles later. You can watch the trailer below.

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