I don’t like Windows 11 at all, but this antibloatware update has slightly changed my mind | Top News

i don't like windows 11 at all, but this antibloatware

Tom Henry

I don’t like Windows 11 at all, but this antibloatware update has slightly changed my mind | Top News

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I don’t like Windows 11 at all. It never has and, for a long time, I have seen how many of its updates not only affected the performance of its users, but also brought a lot of errors with them. However, its latest patch has seemed somewhat more interesting to me. Above all because will allow us to reduce the bloatware operating system.

So, this new version of the Microsoft OS It will let us delete several applications and programs pre-installed as standard in it. The good thing is that all this has been confirmed by the company itself, so now we can only wait. At the moment, yes, no release date has been given for the so-called Build 25931.

Windows 11 will allow us to delete more applications, although it still has a long way to go

Among the applications that we can delete once this new patch arrives, they have mentioned Photos, People, and Remote Desktop. If you use them, then there are no problems. If you don’t, soon—we hope—you’ll be able to get rid of them and free up the space and resources they might be consuming on your PC. Be that as it may, we cannot expect an especially significant change either.

Beyond the resources that can be released, which will not be many, The interesting thing is that a ban has been opened which we hope they continue to explore as time goes by. Today, Windows 10 still has many programs that cannot be uninstalled. If Microsoft decides to change that roadmap with Windows 11, then more than better.

Either way, We still don’t know when this new one will arrive. build. What we do know is that it will add several improvements, new functions and that it will correct various errors that have been detected over the last few weeks and/or months.

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