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I found the Loch Ness monster in GTA Online, but the beaches of Cayo Perico hide a more terrifying mystery

There is a very obvious claim to go to Cayo Perico. The island of GTA Online run by John Strickler, better known as El Rubio, is one of the juiciest opportunities to get a good sum of money. Especially if we set out to collect all the clues in this paradise.

However, there is much more behind what the palm trees hide. I have researched about certain figures, animals and other signs scattered throughout the land that point in a single direction. The island is a magnet for cryptozoology and it is not for less.

the terror of the deep

If we really take seriously the task of preparing the blow to Cayo Perico, we will come across a good string of points of interest. Many of them have a functional purpose, that is, they open the door to where to disembark or which entrance to choose when sneaking into enemy territory.

However, there are many others that only provide specific context about what has happened there. Winks or details that really do not serve us, except for a few. One of them is a huge whale stranded on the shore of the beach, as if it were a Death Stranding trailer. There’s a 50% chance she’ll show up and she’s completely dead.

GTA Online

In case he does not make an appearance, we will have to go to the other side of the island to come across an even more macabre scene. A tiger shark is also dead among the rocks, but its appearance is much worse. Torn apart, without fins and in a deplorable state, as if an even more fearsome animal had completely destroyed it.

Therefore, with these two findings, it can be concluded that there is something under the waters that is capable of annihilating the most fearsome beings in the ocean. There are more signs among the bushes, with warnings from the past. Obviously, a huge lighthouse stands on one of the cliffs, ideal for warning boats.

GTA Online

But what if its purpose was to warn them away? The same could be deduced from the remains of a USAcannon that conquered the island centuries ago and that we can still come across in Cayo Perico.

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our friend nessie

The final clue is found among the palm trees, in the area where Juan Strickler is holding his private party. A sand figure of what appears to be a huge snake is on the ground, hidden. Pavel tells us that it looks familiar to him and that the inhabitants may have seen this creature, but we are too far south for that to be possible.

GTA Online

Everything is revealed when, at the beginning or after hitting the rich man’s mansion, we can see the monster from different points of the island. That’s how it is, the loch ness monster is hidden in GTA Online, but we can see it from a distance. Our friend Pavel is already warning us that the radar is detecting something exceptionally large and that we should be careful out there.

It is necessary to use a telescopic sight to observe in detail this plesiosaur, a being from another era lost in time. It’s a shame that if we get too close it will sink back into the depths, unless a bug occurs and we have the luck of this player.

So it seems that the mystery is solved. Nessie was responsible for so much destruction for years in Cayo Perico and there is more evidence under the sea. A sunken whale skeleton might lead us to think that the monster showed no mercy this time, either. Although there is an even worse secret…

Beyond the stars

What’s worse than calmly swimming in the sea and being eaten by a dinosaur? Well, an alien appears, neither more nor less. It is true that he has not yet appeared with all of the law, but we cannot disdain the fact that he is preparing his arrival.

If we dive in the waters that surround the island, we will come across a huge meteorite that has hit the earth. Such a rock did not come alone, or at least that is what it seems to come off the alien egg that is nearby. Another enormous whale skeleton is enjoying the marine wreck and among the bones we will come across the only egg with which we would not want to prepare an omelette.

Did the whale die because of radiation emitted by the egg? It is more than possible, which makes it more than enough reason to bury him until the end of time. The love story between Rockstar and the paranormal never seems to end, but I have always preferred to preserve my integrity. Especially when I have over nine million dollars in GTA Online.


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