I have already played F1 23 and it has made me dream of 33 in every race

i have already played f1 23 and it has made

Tom Henry

I have already played F1 23 and it has made me dream of 33 in every race

Codemasters returns with an even more realistic delivery, but accessible for F1 newbies

I have already played F1 23 and it has made me dream of 33 in every race
Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris star on the cover of F1 23

As a key piece of EA Sports sports bettingalong with other big names in the brand such as the imminent EA Sports FC that will be released next season, F1 23 arrives this summer at the starting grids with a continuous bet on the technical and the playable, but with enough new features and difficulty adjustments enough to attract new players who love motorsports. We have already had the opportunity to enjoy a preview of what’s new from Codemasters and things look good.

F1 23 is still the same realistic and demanding motorsport simulator What are the competition lovers looking for who follow the F1 races Sunday to Sunday and dream of that 33rd victory for Fernando Alonso, but in a new attempt to open the series to others less experienced audiences, as Forza Motorsport knew how to do very well with the Forza Horizon subseries. This new installment welcomes all those newbies who want to enjoy its playable proposal without investing too much time in mastering the more technical aspect, which there is.

Break Point story mode returns

Breaking Point 2 in F1 23

Aiden Jackson repeats as the protagonist of Breaking Point 2

In this first contact with the Codemasters game that EA has provided us, the big headline is that we have enjoyed a bit of the breaking point new seasonthat kind of history mode who debuted in F1 21 and follows the trajectory of the driver (fictional) aiden jackson in his dream of succeeding in Formula 1. If you have not played F1 2021 and do not know its history, do not worry, the game begins with a practical summary of what has happened so far so that you do not miss any detail of this bet more narrative inside F1 23.

Without going too much into spoilers, although it is not that it is the most elaborate plot in the world, in Breaking Point 2 We once again put ourselves in the boots of Aiden Jackson during his time within a new Formula 1 team, the Konnesport Butler Global Racing Team, where he will meet his eternal rival, Devon Butler. As expected, sparks will fly between the two and things will heat up as the season progresses.

F1 gameplay image 23

Break Point 2 bets on a very cinematographic style

This means that we will have to follow the story, overcoming challenges throughout the race calendar according to the events of the plot. For example, achieving a specific position or staying ahead of a certain rival, although there are also others. secondary objectives to make each game even more interesting. Between race and race it opens one more space for management where we can check Aiden’s networks and communications or chat with team members, as well as make some decisions as the team leader himself.

It is, without a doubt, an experience in which to enjoy all the playable options of F1 23 through a pleasant narrative bet. It is fully accessible to both new players and veterans, thanks to its three difficulty modes. Although it is true that in the most accessible difficulty mode aids can be so aggressive that sometimes some of the actual handling of the car is lost. It is up to each one to play with the configuration options to find the one that best suits their needs.

More game options

F1 gameplay image 23

F1 23 stands out for its hyper-realistic graphic section

The thing does not end there, since apart from this story mode, we have been able to test other game modes in this early access: Grand Prix and Time Trial. Unlike Breaking Point, here we can enjoy both the grid of cars and drivers of the world championship of F1 2022 and F1 2023.

In Grand Prix mode we have been able to create our own championships from a single weekend up to seven races to choose between seven other circuits such as Imola, Silverstone, Miami or Bahrain. Here, apart from being able to select the order of the races or which driver you want to drive, there is dozens of configuration optionsboth at the level of controls, simulation and assistance, as well as structuring.

For example, regarding the structure of the weekendyou can select the standard structure of training, qualifying and race (being able to adjust the duration of each one), a realistic version that offers the official calendar of the season or an alternative format that adds the session of Sprint every weekend.

F1 gameplay image 23

Codemasters promises the most complete game to date

As for the Time Trial mode, things are simpler, it consists of run without limits on a circuit of our choice to mark the best time with a car of our choice and with a performance configuration determined or adjusted according to our preferences in aerodynamics, suspension, transmission, brakes, etc. It is a configuration accessible from the session information menu also present in other game modes, although unlike those other modes, here we can also drive supercars (not available in this test).

On a technical and visual level, Codemasters returns to use its already well-known proprietary engine to recreate with great level of detail and realism both the cars, the circuits and the meteorological effects, as well as the physics-based simulation aspects. We have been able to enjoy this first contact on PC and the appearance of the game is remarkable, and we have not yet played the final version. They surprise again, for example, the facial animations of the characters in Breaking Point mode or those rain effects in the middle of the race

some are missing things to polishsuch as tire splash, but the good news is that it seems that there will be no need to worry about the performance. Something that worries PC gamers above all after releases like Redfall or Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. At the level of requirements, the most advanced are only necessary to enjoy the game with VR support (Note that there are many screens designed to enjoy this view).

This soufflé is no longer downloaded by anyone

F1 gameplay image 23

Of course, Fernando Alonso and his Aston Martin are available in F1 23

After enjoying a few hours of this F1 23 Early Access, the feelings have been very positivesince without being very proficient in the driving genre, the system is accessible enough so that the experience is not made uphill in simulation issues. You can go from there to the most realistic and simulate actual damage that are not repairable on the track or suffer with the tension of a red flagwhich promises to be one of the great novelties of this installment.

Formula 1 is maybe the most closed niche of car simulation games, but of course this F1 23 does for appeal to all motor lovers with a good playable offer and a visual section to match. We will see what news we find in the final game that hits stores on 1st of July for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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