I have broken Baldur’s Gate 3 and I do so much damage that even the bosses look like ants to me | Top News

i have broken baldur's gate 3 and i do so

Tom Henry

I have broken Baldur’s Gate 3 and I do so much damage that even the bosses look like ants to me | Top News

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One of the great problems —or virtues, it all depends on the focus— of Dungeons and Dragons the thing is it’s terribly easy to break the balance as you start to level up. Of course, and although Larian Studios You’ve done a great job trying to stabilize this matter, Baldur’s Gate 3 is no different. If you think this is not true, my wizard has something to tell you.

As you know, in Baldur’s Gate 3 we can build the build of our characters in very different ways. In my case, I designed my character as a warlock whose main source of damage is a cheat called Eldritch Bolt. Some time ago I told you that thanks to him I could kill almost all my enemies with a “simple” push. Does it ring a bell? Well, I don’t need it anymore, because I do so much damage that even bosses that I can even laugh at them in their face.

The witch from Baldur’s Gate 3 really powerful without doing anything weird, but…

The subject is somewhat complex, so I am going to summarize it a lot so as not to bore you with a text in which everything is numbers. Roughly speaking, when we level up, Eldritch Bolt fires 2 (level 5) and 3 (level 11) bolts. They each do 1d10 force damage, so at 11th level they can do up to 3d10 damage. The good thing is that it can be improved. So that you understand it in a simple way, assuming that all the rays hit, it would be something like this:

  • Eldritch Bolt: 3d10 Force damage, between 3 and 30 damage.
  • Agony Bolt Upgrade: Bonus to Charisma damage. Since I have it at 20, the bonus is +5, so it does between 18 and 45 damage.
  • Hex: Bonus action (consumes spell slot) that adds 1d6 damage each time you attack and hit. The damage would be between 21 and 63 points.

So far, actually, I have not done anything strange. That is to say, with the level improvements of the warlock we can use a trick that does between 21 and 63 damage per turn. In general, although it may seem complex, it is very simple, since we only have to use two abilities (one of them works as an additional action).

When you use the right items, you can break the game, and my warlock is the perfect example.

Now, my case is something different. I’ve got a hat that increases my charisma up to 22, so the lightning damage bonus is +7. Also, I have armor that adds my charisma to the damage again, so the damage of each ray would be +14.

I have broken Baldur's Gate 3

Finally, I have gloves that allow me to use a cantrip as a bonus action once per short rest. That is I can use Eldritch Bolt twice and cast six bolts in a single turn.. Theory tells us, if all lightning strikes, that:

  • First turn: Hex an enemy (optional) + eldritch discharge = 3d10 + 14 per die + 3d6 damage. In total, it would do between 48 and 90 damage.
  • Second turn: with Hex active, using the gloves, 6d10 + 14 per die + 6d6. In total, he would deal between 96 and 180 damage.
I've Broken Baldurs Gate 3 2

The end result is that, not counting the bonuses that other characters can give me, only my warlock is capable of doing almost 100 damage if I roll the worst possible. The math tells us that the average damage would be 132 points, but it can be more.

I have broken Baldur's Gate 3

Especially if I make it fall from a high place, because I also push them. The quick summary is that I have broken the game. Jokes aside, it is true that I have managed to build a character so stupidly powerful that even bosses they seem weak to me.

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