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“I need to prove that I wasn’t the problem”

The middle of 100 Thieves, Søren Bjerg «bjergsen“It is clear to him that 2023 must be a year of vindication on a personal level. The Dane was one of the central focuses of Team Liquid, which for 2022 formed a “super team” full of stars that ultimately did not work out. Without any League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and without classification to worldsLiquid decided to do without the services of the former TSM player for the current season, something that Bjerg does not forget.

In an interview for Carver Fisherjournalist from deserted, Bjergsen has revealed his motivations for signing with 100 Thieves for this season. Undoubtedly, the outlet’s decision was motivated by his previous year with Team Liquid: “The reality is that I was on a team that was supposed to be great and didn’t do well. So I need to show that I wasn’t the problem and show why I’m great.«. For the Dane, the signing for 100T has implied his return with Yiliang Peng «double lift«, who two years after his retirement has returned to competition.

Bjergsen was one of Team Liquid’s discussion points when facing the transfer market. Having rumors that pointed to a ‘strong’ vision of the game by the media and Jo Yong-in “CoreJJ”, the organization faced the preseason in a decision: keep the Dane or the South Korean. Finally, the entity opted for the support, with which he has built a project based on South Korean or Korean-speaking players. Among Liquid’s signings are Hong Chang-hyeon”pyosik«, reigning world champion», and Park Woo-tae «Summit“Former Cloud9 player.


Despite opening with a loss, 100 Thieves currently occupies the second position with a record of three wins and one loss. Thieves are tied with Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 for the second position. Instead, Team Liquid is in fifth position with two wins and two losses. Liquid is currently on par with CLG and TSM. Unlike other seasons, this time the LCS clubs fight for the last place in the playoffs in the sixth position.

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