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“I think they wanted to kill the competitive Hearthstone”

The competitive community of hearthstone has exploded after the recent circuit changes. The tenth anniversary of the title of Blizzard It is not a reason to party after knowing these modifications. The commotion and anger is such that many professionals question their future in the competitive Hearthstone, among them, Frenetic. For this 2023 the circuit goes from six to three Masters Toursevents that give access to the World. There will also be three separate tournaments for Battlegrounds, the last free-for-all mode that has been liked by a large part of the community.


In addition to increasing the difficulty to reach the World Cup, the great controversy is in the economic issue. Since Blizzard they have seen with good eyes remove the prize pool of the Masters Tour and just leave the prize of the last big event. It should be noted that the reward for the World Cup has not increased, so the financial cut is evident. Therefore, if you want to dedicate yourself exclusively to the competition of this title, you will have to be one of the eight best players in the world after overcoming some complicated, and only three, qualifiers. In the meantime, the statement shows an uncertain 2024 that has made all professionals fear. Not even they themselves can answer the question.”Does this mean that HS Esports will be canceled in 2024?

Interview with Frenetic, the great USAbenchmark for hearthstone

One of those affected is David “Frenetic” Neila. Frenetic is one of the most important professionals, possibly the most, on the USAscene. At just 19 years old, he participated in a tournament in Las Vegas to later win the USALeague and become champion of the Master Tour Montreal 2020successes that allowed him to sEsports Extrasfor Barça sports. In summer 2021 David managed to win the Grand Masters and a place in the World Cupa great event in which he finished in the Top 8. To find out all about his time in HS as well as his successes you can read his latest thread at Twitter. With all this, Frenetic is the only Spaniard who has reached a World Cup hearthstone individually, so your opinion about the latest changes is more than necessary.

  • Before going into the details, how would you assess your time in the competitive scene of hearthstone?

I consider my trajectory to be one of overcoming since at the beginning no results were forthcoming. All this changed with the pandemic since from home he performed better in tournaments, he was more comfortable. It is a stage that I keep with great affection, but I did not like how it has come to an end after what I have experienced. I would have liked one more year fighting for everything, but right now it is unfeasible.

  • We start strong. Do you already assume that you are not going to continue competing? What are your ideas?
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I don’t know if it’s the end, it’s still too early to confirm anything, but I’m 90% sure I won’t continue. I have the way of TFT, I am giving it now and I would like to enter that scene. I also have in mind to continue with the academic life that I paused for the hearthstone. In addition, obviously there is still the option of entering the world of work. But hey, without being pessimistic there is also a 10% chance that it will continue in hearthstonebut things have to change a lot to meet that last percentage.

  • What do you think about the latest changes in the competitive scene?

I saw it coming. Every year they updated something that left it the same or slightly worse. Little by little we have been counting on fewer prizes and this year has already been the definitive one. I don’t know if it has been like that, but I think they wanted to kill the competitive hearthstone and get rid of this scene. It is a way of saying that it is over and that they will focus on selling packages Y skins inside the video game.

  • Imagine that you work inside Blizzard. What would you have done to change the opinion of the entire scene right now?

Those €500,000 final prize could have been distributed also in the Masters Tour, not everything in a world cup that is very difficult to reach. It cannot be that by qualifying for a tournament as demanding as the Masters Tour don’t win any money, just a place in the world cup. You are second and you go with one hand in front and one behind. Something good would have been to have returned with the crowdfunding based on sales packages. You put some packs up for sale and X percentage of those sales go towards funding the competitive scene. It’s a good way to get players involved in the competition.

  • In the last communiquĂ©, very controversial questions are asked that give a bad image and a negative perspective about its future. Do you think it could be the last competitive year of hearthstone?

Possibly. This year they had a bullet that they have wasted. The contract with Youtube and they returned to Twitch, platform where there are great creators of video game content. Before these streamers could not broadcast their competitive matches and this year that changed in twitch. They have not taken advantage of something that could have opened the scene more from different points of view. Regarding the statement, the answers are ambiguous. It is a chronicle of a death foretold, it cannot be that a company asks itself such negative questions. If you don’t trust your project, how will people trust?

  • One of the points of view that has emerged after the update is that with fewer competitions and a more complex path these tournaments will have more interest. What do you think of this version?
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It could be, but many benchmarks in the international competition are not considering competing this year, they have already lost their image. If there are no attractive names in the tournaments it is difficult to have a storytelling and some great references to follow. In the long run it can harm the game casual.

  • Do you think that herthstone dies without competitive?

It’s hard to be sure, there are various opinions, but mine is that there will be a slight drop in the game. We have the example of Heroes of Stormalthough this was much more heavy. If the most representative figures of your title begin to leave, there is a problem. yes it is true that hearthstone It has a large casual community that doesn’t follow the competition. However, I think that the competitive scene is an indirect way to generate a lot of interest in your game. In any case, it has been said that HS he’s going to die on his way out, you never know.

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Frenetic competing // VIA Frenetic
  • Why do you think there is not so much interest in the competitive scene?

hearthstone It has a pretty high barrier to entry, it’s very difficult for someone who has never played the game to understand. If you haven’t even done the tutorial, it’s impossible for you to find out what happens in a competitive game. In it LOL It can happen in the tactical issue, but it is more attractive and in the end you know the objectives of each one. Then there are easy to understand games like Rocket League either FIFA. hearthstone It has a huge barrier to entry and that hurts new people to follow the circuit.

  • A few weeks ago we spoke with hold on Overwatch 2 and he was not very generous with Blizzard. The American company is always involved in controversy and in the community of hearthstone it would not be less. How do you see the work of Blizzard with HS? Would this title have worked better with, for example, Riot?

All this comes from afar. I think right now we don’t have CM in the USAaccount and when there was someone, they were not even Spanish-speaking. They have released patches days before the competition. It is a very good product, which even they admit works very well, but they have not wanted to take care of their competitive scene. They’ve looked at the money, something I don’t blame them for. It is a company and they have to look after themselves and their economy. evidently with Riot It would have worked better, but a lot. The external sensation that exists internationally is that Blizzard He doesn’t take care of his video games.

  • In case that 90% is met, what do you take away from your career?

I think it’s a pretty healthy community, especially if you buy it with others. As highlighted in the thread, HS It has given me great people and beautiful experiences. It makes me angry how they have treated the game and I think I speak as much for myself as for my teammates. They have left us quite helpless.


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