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I wanted to recommend some of the Devolver Digital deals, but there’s such a bargain you can almost buy games by the handful

i wanted to recommend some of the devolver digital deals,

Wow, this situation is a bit difficult. Normally, when there is an interesting offer on Steam, I would say “look, this cool game is at an all-time low” or “this one doesn’t sound familiar to you, but go for it, it’s a good time for this reason”. With the Devolver Digital offers on Steam, however, things are not so simple because practically everything I see is a compulsory purchase. So I prefer to give you details and leave the rest in your hands.


Have Until 8 May to get hold of, exactly, a lot of Devolver Digital games —which, as you know, is one of the best publishers with an indie profile— and in some cases, the sales last until the 11th of the same month. I trust that the Steam interface and your own criteria are enough to navigate between the most popular games on the menu, such as Cult of the Lamb for 14.94 euros; Registration for 11.99 euros or Return to Monkey Island for 16.09 euros.

So I prefer to make a small list of recommendations slightly less popular games but definitely worth your attention.


  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for 2.95 euros (or the original even cheaper) it represents a very aggressive discount (80%) and we are talking about one of the most legendary and charismatic action indie. Broforce and Gato Roboto have similar prices and are good, but this is the one that suits me best.
  • The Messenger (4.87 euros) and katana zero (7.49 euros) are somewhat more expensive, but both are magnificent in their fields. You also have My Friend Pedro in a similar range, but I didn’t like it as much as Steam users (96% positive) so I’ll leave it a bit up in the air.
  • And I recommend you keep in mind the pack of puzzle games for 26.24 euros. Of all the games it comes with, the only one I haven’t played is Manifold Garden, but user reviews make it clear that it’s very good. The others are all amazing, so if you like the genre, you know.
  • genital jousting (68 cents should be 69) is literally a whistle meme, but you can make a joke of gifting it to a friend and playing together.

If I don’t end the list with that one, I don’t stay calm.

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