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I would have loved to see this Elden Ring boss in game: Fanart photo book shows cool Souls art

This is what the book looks like in the slipcase (Image source: YouTubeVaatividya).
This is what the book looks like in the slipcase (Image source: YouTube/Vaatividya).

We Souls fans love the dark and spooky designs of FromSoftware’s worlds, enemies and weapons. Particularly talented players are always inspired to create impressive works of art by games like Elden Ring or the Dark Souls series. The well-known lore expert Vaatividya has published some selected works in a cool illustrated book. If you want, you can take the 250 pages of fan art home with you.

Fanart book with winning pictures from competitions

It’s all about this: YouTuber Vaatividya not only has a keen interest in Souls lore, but is also an art lover. He organized competitions for all FromSoftware games, where fans could submit their images inspired by Dark Souls, Sekiro, Bloodborne and Co. The works of the winners are now combined in the Soul Arts illustrated book. In a new video, Vaati shows the good piece and reports on the intention and the creative process.


Here you can listen to what Vaati has to say and take a look at the book:

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Link to YouTube content

This is what the book looks like: The book comes in an eye-catching slipcase. It features five circular symbols representing the art competitions that formed the basis for the works. We can also take a look at the actual gloomy cover through a window that is also round.

The works: The style of the pictures is of course very different. This is not only due to the artists themselves, but also to the competition specifications. For example, at Sekiro, Vaati asked to draw weapons, at Elden Ring it was bosses.


The special thing about it: You might be wondering why Sekiro was about guns, but what’s exciting about a lot of the artwork is that it went beyond the actual games. The competitions often took place before the titles were released, and the creative fans only knew short trailers, based on which they themselves imagined how certain elements of the game could look like.

Cool alternate boss ideas

In the book there are not only own interpretations of existing material, which only decides stylistically, but also completely new creations, which fit pretty well into the Souls universe.

More from the FromSoftware universe:


The Elden Ring contest allowed fans to submit their own boss ideas. One artwork, for example, shows a nondescript silhouette of a humanoid creature that appears to be standing waist-deep in the ocean. We probably would have walked towards it without knowing it.

Another image on a new page, however, reveals that this is just the upper part of a giant underwater monster that – so the idea behind it – would have fought us. Incidentally, the works of art are accompanied by commentary texts by Vaati himself, who explains the creations to us in the usual manner.

How much does it cost and where can you get it? The book is distributed by Irish publishers Tune and Fairweather, who are also behind the Dark Souls Lore double volume we reported on recently. You can order Soul Arts there for 80 euros. Is it too expensive for you and you don’t need the book on the shelf, but just want to admire the works? Then you can also access the digital version. As a PDF, the whole thing costs you 15 euros.


What do you think of this project? Do you feel like buying the book or maybe grabbing a pen or brush yourself?