Icons will have better chemistry

Tom Henry

icons will have better chemistry

In this new title, these cards will be revalued thanks to this fact.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: Icons will have better chemistry
Icons will have better chemistry in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24 It is only 2 months away from its release date, although for a few days the game can be reserved in its two versions: the standard and the Ultimate. In addition, today many new things have begun to be revealed that we discovered at the event that took place in Amsterdam and that could not be made public yet.

Among them we can find the game styles, the changes of the Career Mode and the new name of Pro Clubs. But this is not all, and there is still more news about Ultimate Team.

The king game mode of the EA title will feature in this edition a new mechanic called Evolution, which can completely alter the development of Ultimate Team. However, this not all.

The addictive mode will have many more innovations than will seek to establish a balance that probably did not exist in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The first thing they have tried to fix from EA is the lack of protagonism of the Iconsand they have done it with a new way of giving chemistry.

This is how the Icons will give chemistry in EA Sports FC 24

As the Twitter account points out Lean Designnow the Icons, in addition to having 3 chemistry diamonds automatically and adding 2 for their nationality, will award an extra point for the leagues they played in during their career.

Depending on the footballer in question, this can gain enormous weight. The example given by this user is perfect. With David Beckham we would have 2 chemistry points for the English and 1 for the players of LaLiga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A and MLS.

This change may also influence the price of these cards. Perhaps some Icons that, without having a bad performance, did not reach the top, They can acquire more prominence due to the links that they are capable of granting.

It will also be interesting to see how this change affects the “war” Icons against Heroes. In FIFA 23, the fight went to the team of Heroes without any doubt. The fact of adding two diamonds to the players in his league was too differential. But now, it seems that things are not only more balanced, but favor the side of the Icons.

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