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[email protected] will bring four great productions that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass in 2023 – Xbox

With almost 10 years behind it, it has been quite a while since the brand [email protected] landed with the big idea to support small developers. And it is that the intention of this project is to be able to train small studios that want to translate their ideas and carry them out through their games, so that we as players can get that gem that remains hidden within the catalog of xbox game pass.

And it is that we recently had an event for the label [email protected], where we managed to spot four titles and be able to see part of their gameplay, along with more details. We refer to Lightyear Frontier, Planet of Lana, Everspace 2 and The Last Case of Benedict Foxgames that will be mentioned in xbox game pass in a few months.


[email protected] show your face for indie games and to prove it we have four jewels that are coming soon

[email protected] and Guy Richards, director of associations of global independent creators, shared how they manage to attract developers so that they can offer us their titles and also incorporate them into xbox game pass. An essential part is looking for projects that are fun, with quality and that look incredible, always aiming to obtain the necessary quality that subscribers to the Xbox service deserve.

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On the other hand, it seeks to have great diversity, so having a genre or an artistic style that differs from the rest also applies to having other different studios and developers to tell unique stories. Because the majority of subscribers to the service of Xbox, they love games that they wouldn’t have played otherwise. Now let’s review four of the standard bearers that [email protected] that will come to xbox game pass:

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Lightyear Frontier (Spring 2023)

In this new title you will be on a beautiful planet and the adventure will take place in the agricultural genre. Equipped with a colorful robot, you will seek to make your life in this new environment full of secrets and mysteries, but always oriented to search and explore areas with a wide variety of crops, caverns or hidden places, in order to obtain resources to build your new home.


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