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If Final Fantasy 16 comes out in 2022 Square Enix could delay Forspoken again

Square Enix announced in March the delay of forspokenformerly known as Project Athia: The open world action adventure developed by Luminous Productions changed its release date from May 25 to October 11, 2022. insider Nick Baker says on his show The XboxEra Prodcast that the Japanese company will delay the title again if they manage to launch final fantasy xvi in 2022. Square Enix has not commented in any way on this rumor.

“Let’s see, my source contacted me and mentioned something,” says Baker, also known as “Shpeshal_Nick” on Twitter, around the 1:48 hour mark of the show. “Basically, what I’ve heard is that there is a possibility that Square could delay forspoken againbut it is conditional, and that condition is if they think they can throw final fantasy xvi this year“.

“And that’s what I meant this is a strange rumorthat’s the way they explained it to me,” continues the insider. “They said that if Square manages to launch final fantasy xvi this year, if they can, apparently, they will delay again forspoken“.

As they comment from Wccftechwhere the rumor has been echoed, the decision is justified from the point of view that the Japanese company he is not interested in two of his big bets for the next few months competingespecially considering that forspoken It is a new intellectual property that has to lose against the sixteenth numbered installment of one of the most acclaimed sagas of video games.

Although forspoken is announced for PC and PS5Y final fantasy xvi only for Sony’s latest-generation console, the Luminous Productions adventure is being promoted as one of the great upcoming exclusives for PlayStation 5. Likewise, both proposals fall within the same genre: the open world action RPG.

Square Enix celebrates the 35th anniversary of final-fantasy this year

final fantasy xvi It has no release date. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, said earlier this month that the second trailer is ready and will be published “soon”. Square Enix celebrates this year the 35th anniversary of the saga and will begin to announce news related to the ephemeris this month or in June at the latest. This year also marks 25 years since the premiere of Final Fantasy 7; Tetsuya Nomura has said that in June they will announce something related to Final Fantasy 7 Remakeperhaps referring to its second part, a title that according to producer Yoshinori Kitase will be shown in 2022.

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