If Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem had a child, it would be this game, but this one will be on PC | Top News

if final fantasy tactics and fire emblem had a child,

Tom Henry

If Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem had a child, it would be this game, but this one will be on PC | Top News

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I had never heard of them, but from now on I will write down their name just in case. They are XD Games and although their name seems like a joke and/or a reference to an emoji, the truth is that They are a development studio with a lot of potential.. At least that’s what I thought after seeing the new Sword of Convallaria trailer.

At the moment, yes, it is too early to speak, since all we have obtained has been a superficial look at what it promises to offer us. Be that as it may, it has caught my attention a lot. Especially since it seems that its creators seem to have been very inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.

Sword of Convallaria, the tactical role-playing game praised by the creator of Final Fantasy Tactics

In fact, his own Yasumi Matsuno, producer of both the former and Ogre Tactics, spoke very positively about the game back in October 2021, when he learned of its existence. Luckily, this is not all we have. In addition to having reviewed its gameplay, Lei Guo, a member of the development team, has explained that the game is going at a good pace.

Right now, for example, the tactical role-playing game already has 300 maps and 1000 different stages. Besides, it has several different endings, so we can infer that our decisions will have a significant impact on the course of events. The only bad thing is that it has not been confirmed that it comes with texts in Spanish, so you will have to master Shakespeare’s language (or another) to be able to enjoy it.

As far as the release date is concerned, it’s still not entirely clear, but on their official Steam page they have indicated that it will arrive in 2023. If we keep this in mind, it is very possible that we will not have to wait too long to be able to test it and see how it performs.

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