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If Sony hadn’t canceled Days Gone 2, it would have been released in April 2023

if sony hadn't canceled days gone 2, it would have

Days Gone 2 may never appear, but it could even be out by now.

Days Gone director Jeff Ross is mourning. The PlayStation Showcase reminded him that Days Gone 2 might have been released a month ago. If Sony hadn’t canceled it. If the developers at Bend Studios had just stuck with it and continued working on the series right after the first one, part 2 could well have been published by now.

Days Gone 2 may never come again, but we could have had it by now

That’s what it’s about: On May 24th, Sony held a PlayStation Showcase for the first time in a long time. What wasn’t included – and what many fans were hoping for – was the new game from Days Gone development studio Bend. Or maybe even a second part. But nothing came of it and we also missed many other games:


The director says: The sting of attitude and grief over Days Gone 2 seems to still run deep with Jeff Ross. On Twitter he writes that the PlayStation Showcase shows always get him down. Because they remind him that Days Gone 2 could have been released a month ago if they just kept going.

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Why exactly does he also explain: There is a simple time calculation behind it, which sounds quite realistic. Just in case you’re wondering how Days Gone 2 could have been put together so quickly.

“The first game was mostly developed in the last three years (after four years of ‘fumping around’), so yeah, I think it could have been done in four years and it could have been a great sequel.”


(via Twitter)

What speaks against Days Gone 2? some. Among other things, more than 90 people who worked on Days Gone at the time are no longer at the developer studio. Also, Sony just doesn’t seem interested in a sequel. Accordingly, Jeff Ross sees little chance that a Days Gone 2 will be developed at some point.

How hard does this realization hit you that you could theoretically have played through Days Gone 2 long ago?