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If they offer you an open beta of Starfield, don’t open the message, it’s a maware scam

if they offer you an open beta of starfield, don't

If you google ‘Starfield open beta’ right now, not only will you find nothing official related to the game, but you’ll see a shady looking website at the top of the search page.

If you hypothetically enter said website (do not do it!), you may start to detect evidence that it is not something legitimate. Make sure you don’t click the fake beta download button as you will surely be left with some dangerous malware.


The Bethesda team hasn’t made any mention of an open beta for Starfield, but it doesn’t seem impossible that it might happen in the future. There’s plenty of time until September, but even if a Starfield beta is possible at some point, it’s not here yet, and the site called bizongrow dot com is definitely a scam.

Thanks for the heads up, PC Gamer.