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If you believe it! The intro of the Naruto anime was pure fever dream, remember?

Who else remembers the Naruto intro?

Who else remembers the Naruto intro?

Along with Dragon Ball and One Piece, Naruto was one of the most well-known anime series that ran on RTL 2 at the time. The wannabe ninja’s orange jumpsuit may have burned itself into the minds of most fans. But can you still remember the German intro of the series? You might want to forget about it as soon as possible. Even if – admittedly – ​​there is catchy tune potential. And we apologize in advance for that.

“Sasuke is really cool!”

Naruto’s intro song was…let’s say a musical experiment, which differed greatly from the more rocking intros of Dragon Ball or One Piece. But listen to yourself:


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The unusual rap song with the title “Believe it” not only stands out from the broad anime crowd musically, but also lyrically.

Sense? We look in vain for that in the lyrics. Words are strung together rather indiscriminately here, according to the motto: “rhymes!”. We’ll leave them here for you:

If you believe it!


Naruto! Naruto!

Believe it! Believe it!

Here I am with my Ninja Clan!


Ninja clan, here we stand!

Naruto, I’m on my way,

Naruto, I’ll be okay!


Getting ready to fight on set!

Come on best friends by my side!

Sasuke is really cool!


Sakura, the beautiful!

Kowagaruna Naruto

Saoto mamore


Most of the fans below the YouTube video agree: Here we are dealing more with an intro of the “cringy” variety. “Someone really sat down and wrote this song and thought, ‘Yeah, that’s good enough for TV,’” writes ‘Skullomadness’ in the comments below the YouTube video linked above.

Of course, there are also many people who still think the song is as great today as it was back then, just because of nostalgia. “As someone who grew up in Germany I was really shocked that not everyone grew up with this intro. As a 12-year-old this was my jam!” writes YouTube commentator ‘Chris’.

What do you think of the Naruto intro? And which anime intro is your favorite and why? Write it to us in the comments!