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If you have a friend who plays The Devil in Me, you too can play it for free for a month

The terrifying story that puts an end to the first “season” of the anthology The Dark Pictures: The *text muted* in Me, can now be enjoyed even by those who don’t own the gamebut do have an acquaintance who plays it.

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Although it is not that there is any error on the part of Supermassive Games or Bandai Namco. It is about promoting Friend Pass of the game, which will be available from today and for a month. In this way, any player will be able to enjoy The *text muted* in Me in company and complete the adventure cooperatively.

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And for those who own the game and consider themselves lone wolves, the mode is also available starting today Curator’s Cutwhich offers players the chance to experience the game from the perspective of a different character, as well as view exclusive cutscenes after the first match.

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What do you think? Are you ready to go back to the hotel that emulates HH Holmes’ Castle of Murders?

The Dark Pictures: The *text muted* in Me