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Elden Ring

If you like Elden Ring, don’t miss these 7 dark fantasy movies and series

FromSoftware’s game shares aesthetic cues with some of our favorite big-screen adventures.

If you like Elden Ring, don't miss these 7 dark fantasy movies and series

Elden Ring is already one of the most important games in recent years. The game of FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki It has been an unprecedented success for the company, leading the top sales on Steam for six weeks in a row, a title that has attracted the attention of veterans and new players, which has managed to attract more players than ever with its new open world approach. .

Among his many virtues, one of the most valued of Miyazaki and his worlds, has been his powerful dark fantasy setting. A style that shares aesthetic references with some movies and television series. If you are thinking of Berserk, there are many references to the work of Kentaro Miura that we find in the worlds of Hidetaka Miyazaki, but this time we wanted to focus exclusively on movies and series live action.

Although it has cost us to do it, we have also left out the film trilogy of The Lord of the rings, an essential saga within the fantasy genre, but which we consider to be far from the tone of FromSoftware. These are the 7 dark fantasy movies and series that we recommend. If you are fans of the genre, do not hesitate and share your favourites!

Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane Solomon Kane is probably the most irregular film on the list, however, a somewhat watered-down plot and a bubblegum-filled script do not tarnish a dark fantasy setting that easily transports us to the atmosphere of Miyazaki works such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne. The entertaining action and the charisma of our protagonist do the rest.

Dark glass

Dark glass The 1982 classic continues to present an attractive universe that, despite the 40 years that have passed, maintains its style thanks to its practical effects. A dying world where sinister villains consume people’s souls to fuel a huge crystal from which they draw their power. The franchise returned to our lives with a fabulous Netflix series.


Legend Legend is another fantasy movie classic. Played by a very young Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and the unforgettable Tim Curry, Ridley Scott’s film starts with a happy tone, it will not take long to drag us into a world of darkness under the shadow of the Lord of Darkness. Love will be the engine for a film that has aged surprisingly well.

The Witcher

The Witcher Swords, magic and nightmarish creatures: the warlock video games not only share a genre with Elden Ring, in them, we will also face grotesque monsters in a medieval fantasy world. The Netflix series with Henry Cavill as Geralt de Rivia has managed to find the tone and rhythm in a great second season, after a somewhat bumpy first contact.

The endless story

The endless story You may all have in mind the cheerful image of Atreyu flying on the back of Fújur, but the truth is that The Neverending Story is terribly dark at many points. Swamps that seem to be taken from Miyazaki’s work and some terrifying beings inhabiting his fantasy world for a film for all audiences that caused more than one child nightmares.

The Pan's Labyrinth

The Pan’s Labyrinth The acclaimed work of Guillermo del Toro is a benchmark when it comes to dark fantasy. Located in the USApostwar period, Ofelia, our protagonist, will meet a faun that lives in the ruins of a mysterious labyrinth. The kingdoms and characters presented in the film are of incredible grotesque beauty, in a tale as sweet as it is cruel.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Although there will be few of you who have not yet seen the adaptation of the work of George RR Martin, the medieval fantasy of Game of Thrones presents us with a world with dragons soaring through the skies, great castles, fights between houses and creatures from another world. Even Hidetaka Miyazaki himself confessed to being a big fan of Martin, so much so that he ended up collaborating on Elden Ring.

We didn’t want to end without giving you our last recommendation. We didn’t make it on the list because it falls outside the dark fantasy genre, but there’s something about Robert Eggers’s The Witch that reminds us of the decadent aesthetic we love about Miyazaki. The narrative of the film and the personality of some of the characters seem to be taken from one of FromSoftware’s games. In any case, do not miss it. But if yours is readingthese 7 dark fantasy books will delight you.

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