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If you like Pokemon, this limited-edition Razer keyboard is heavily discounted


If you like Pokemon, this limited-edition Razer keyboard is heavily discounted

You can save at least 200 euros for a very unique Pikachu keyboard.

Razer released a Limited Edition keyboard inspired by Pikachu

There’s nothing like having a custom set up with keyboard, mouse and headphones. There are dozens of devices to improve your experience in front of the computer, even special editions of your favorite video games. Razer launched a Ornata Keyboard Limited Edition inspired by Pikachu. Although it is difficult to find, it is available on AliExpress at half price. It is an incredible offer to buy the keyboard of the electric Pokemon for 216.45 euros.

In addition to being an object almost collector’s, this keyboard was only released in China. Thanks to AliExpress shipping you can get this keyboard from Razer which has very good ratings. The Ornata model is one of the Best sellers and this limited edition has a unique desEsports Extrasthat Pokemon fans will love. If you do not know what to givethis peripheral is the perfect complement to a computer and will give you a touch of color to the desk. It has a 51% discount applied, so you can save more than 200 euros.

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AliExpress offers many facilities for this product arrive quickly and on time, in addition to guaranteeing free shipping. This keyboard is not found on the official website because it is a keyboard that not released in other markets. Razer also presented a mouse, headphones and mouse pad with the same theme and where the yellow is the predominant color. These peripherals are specially designed for gaming, so they can be your best ally to play video games.

Razer Ornata Limited Edition Pikachu Keyboard

Get the most beautiful limited edition Razer keyboard on AliExpress

Razer Ornata Limited Edition Pikachu Keyboard

This Razer keyboard has details inspired by the Pokemon Pikachu

Pokemon and Razer joined forces to release this special collection. The keyboard has 104 keys and many references to Pikachu, the best known pokemon of the franchise. You can see this reflected not only in the color yellow, but also the escape key is a pokeball and there are various Pikachu scattered across the keyboard. One is on the top, one on the arrow keys, and two more on the bottom. space barwhere you can read his name.

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arrow keys the traditional arrows have changed by lightning, alluding to the Pokemon. The keyboard is connected by a USB cable that measures 2 meters long and we must highlight the mechanical keys. This limited edition keyboard has a wrist rest in black, but can be purchased separately. Finally, it should be noted that the Ornata keyboard has the alphanumeric keyboard integrated like any traditional model.

Razer Ornata Limited Edition Pikachu Keyboard

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if you buy this now amazing keyboard you can save money and time. AliExpress puts February as the estimated delivery date, not bad considering that it is a hard to find product. The Razer Ornata Limited Edition keyboard arrives directly from China and it costs 216.45 euros on AliExpress with a discount of 51%. It is a very interesting offer to buy a so exclusive peripheral based on the popular saga of anime video games, series and movies. With this discount, the keyboard has a price difference that exceeds 200 euros.

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