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If you play alone and you like action RPGs, you have to take a look at Stray Blade

For lovers of the most classic action RPG, I have good news, because Stray Blade arrives to fill a gap in the next 2023 catalog. The question is: will it be up to the task? That’s a harder question to answer right now.

The new world of video games is dominated by online multiplayer experiences, and although I am a user who does not hide playing his games online, what I like the most is playing alone, without stress, without depending on anyone. While GreedFall was a great example of how a medium-sized studio can do great things, today I’m bringing you another project much more small and modest, but still with a certain charm. It is made by a humble German studio, Point Blank Games, which boasts on its website that it has a crunch-free development environment, with an optimized work organization in which the most important thing is to have a good work environment.

They’re making Stray Blade right now, and even though it’s coming out in 2023, I’ve already had a chance to try an alpha version. There is a lot of work ahead, I can assure you, but it has something when I have spent more than half an hour savoring it without question. And without wishing to deceive anyone, I think that if it is given a good polish, it can become an option to be considered by lovers of the genre. Its combats are frequent and offer a good response to the controls, the exploration is guided but it is satisfactory, in addition to having a most elaborate progression system. I rule out that it will surprise anyone, and its quality and depth are far from great exponents of the genre. Nevertheless, don’t lose trackespecially if you are a faithful follower of this type of role-playing adventures.

A classic action RPG

Stray Blade is a pretty pure action RPG, and when I say this I mean that it is from another era, without that necessarily meaning something bad. It is very direct, and shortly after starting to play I already knew how to lock onto a target and do my first swings, as well as dodge opponents. Also the well-known “parry” action, but don’t worry because it doesn’t look remotely like Dark Souls. This has more of a hack ‘n slash feel to it, albeit without rushing, with an interesting balance that forces you to be quick and skillful in reacting to certain enemy attacks and countering with devastating combos.

If it is given a good polish, it can become an option to be considered by lovers of the genre.The downside of these short playable demos is that you have time to understand what the game will be like, but not its depth. Because of that, I can’t tell you if the combat system is effective enough to keep you playing for hours, which I think is one of the biggest unknowns of this release. I say this mainly because we will have powers, as well as final bosses which is promised to be epic. I hope so, and that is that what I played was not bad, although it lacked the personality and sense of variety that these confrontations usually offer.

Stray Blade: If you play solo and you like action RPGs, you have to take a look at Stray Blade

That yes, do not expect anything too elaborate, because Stray Blade I have already told you that it is a small project, with well-defined environments and a structure of semi-linear advance. There is a fairly large map, but the feeling I have had is that of advancing through a corridor with branches that give a sense of the world. I don’t dislike it, and not all games should have mapping like The Witcher 3. Moreover, I personally don’t underestimate this type of design, because the things we do have an impact. For example, it is said that if we return to territories where we have won, we will find ourselves with new challenges. This is interesting, but we will have to see what it is about…

One aspect that I liked, perhaps the most, is the feeling of discovery, with forests, ruins, caves… and in short, a good number of places to visit. It is an adventure with all the letters. I don’t know the duration, but I wouldn’t expect anything too ambitious, although I can tell you that the progression tree is very worked and offers points every time we level up. Also to Boji, a mysterious support character (and wolf) who accompanies us searching for fragments of ancient lore. I still have to know its impact on the game and if it will have any kind of playable implication.

Stray Blade Xbox Series

I do not rule out that it may be interesting for a certain audienceOh, and the story is that you died in the lost valley of Acrea, but for something we don’t know you come back to life. So another force that pushes us to complete this RPG is to know what the hell has happened to us and why we are condemned to live on this earth. There is an ancient civilization involved, so the narrative does not promise little, with a story that stands as another of the video game’s strengths. If you want, you can sEsports Extrasup for the beta and see for yourself if it fits the type of role you want. for now, you have to show me many thingsalthough I do not rule out that it could be interesting for a certain audience, as long as it arrives with the degree of polish that it currently needs.


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