If you want more Moon Knight, this mod allows you to deliver cakes like the Marvel hero without having to wait for the next chapter.

Tom Henry

The jump of the Superheros to the cinema has been a huge success for what we now know as expanded universes. A simple idea that generates several movies around it and interconnected has not gone unnoticed for the video game and before Marvel’s Spider-Man, Rocksteady Studios tried with Batman: Arkham Asylum to create a universe around DC’s masked hero.

Now it seems that gender take off again and the industry is no stranger to the large number of masked heroes who have carved a niche for themselves in popular culture thanks to movies or series, and although a moon knight video game could bring astronomical benefits, no study has taken the step, has it? The truth is that it is a trick question, since Sloclap, SIFU developers are not involved, but his last and great work that has been modified by the community for include Marc Spector.

It seems that SIFU is a very malleable title, and it is not us who say so, but the huge number of character mods, each one more bizarre, that are available. However, Moon Knight has a particular touch. Whether for the animations of the game, which marry great with the Marvel character, or because of the care of the characterization, which for a moment makes us think that we are facing a official product.

The mod, by the user Halfmillz, not only transfers the Marvel hero to the video game, with a much more close to the comic than that of the current live-action series, but adds a complete set of physics for layer of our character. The result? Spectacular, even more so when it is accompanied by the work of the user ODINSFALL on YouTube who has created a video of no less than 4 minutes as a concept trailer from a real Moon Knight video game.

You can download the mod from the official Halfmillz account in Nexus Mods completely. free. To install it, all you have to do is extract the file you have downloaded and copy it to the folder facility of SIFU. This will replace the “.pak” and “.sig” files, but it won’t affect the performance of the game on our computer, although if we want to use our character desEsports Extrasagain, we will have to repair the game on Steam.

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