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If you would like to see a Deathloop 2, don’t lose hope

The developers can’t confirm anything, but would like to continue with the license.


Deathloop was one of the most unique releases of 2021, and we have recently learned that it will arrive with a new update (Golden Loop), which coincides with its premiere on Xbox consoles. On the occasion of such news, in Esports Extras we have interviewed the developers of arkane lyon, and of course we have asked them about the future of the license. Although they said that this question was outside their domains, and for the moment they had nothing to comment, they were open to continue with the IP in the future.

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“It’s our baby, so in the end you end up loving it very much,” he said. Francesco Venco (Senior Gameplay Programmer). And what could be the focus of the next game? We asked the developers about a statement from one of her teammates, Dana Nightingale, who said that after Deathloop she didn’t want to make linear games anymore. They agreed, both as gamers and programmers: “It was scary to throw ourselves into the unknown, but at the same time it was very exciting because once you make sense of the different systems and make them work, it’s hard to go back,” affirmed us jonathan foudral (Senior Producer).

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In any case, Francesco Venco added that it is not really about Deathloop in particular, but that each Arkane game has its own designso what’s really important is the philosophy of this company, which is always looking to do things differently: “In that sense, we will stay true to our style when it comes to our next project.”

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Deathloop originally appeared on PS5 and PC a year ago, and received a “recommended” stamp in our review, noting its originality, level design, and available powers. Now the game expands in the Golden Loop update (free) with cross-play, a new ability, an unreleased weapon, an unknown enemy, new gadgets and an extended ending, plus other surprises.


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