If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll be relieved to know that Detective Pikachu 2 is still in development.

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Creatures Inc has mentioned again on its official website the sequel to the investigation and puzzle adventure.

This 2022 will be three years since we learned of the existence of a new installment of Detective Pikachu. In this way, the first title that was released in 2018 for 3DS would now have its expected sequel on Nintendo Switch, but the recent silence around this project had caused some fear among Pokemon fans.

And it is that The Pokemon Company has not made reference to this Detective Pikachu 2 officially for many months now, but thanks to the official website of Creative Inc. (the studio responsible), we know we can rest easy. As VGC has been able to discover, the expected title of investigation and puzzles is mentioned again.


Directly mentioned as a sequelSpecifically, on the studio’s recruitment website, a programmer referred to as KT has revealed that he is working on the sequel of Detective Pikachu, specifically taking care of the drawing area while also creating an environment development system that will serve as the basis for future general video game production.


Detective Pikachu (temporary name)

“With new technologies emerging so quickly, I think that ray tracing, which calculates the color and reflection of objects by tracking light rays, and resolution scaling technologies like DLSS will be indispensable,” adds KT. “I’m also paying attention to the technologies introduced in the latest engines, like Unreal Engine 5.”

We do not believe that this future Detective Pikachu 2 will have cutting-edge technologies if it is finally released for the Nintendo Switch that we know today, but it is good to know that in the studio they are looking to the future and, above all, that this new installment is still in development. The first was so well received that he even took the saga to the cinema with a movie that achieved great results at the box office, which makes us expect a sequel also at the cinematographic level.

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