If you’re not careful in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll just eat up one of the most valuable items

if you're not careful in baldur's gate 3, you'll just

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If you’re not careful in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll just eat up one of the most valuable items

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If you’re not careful during the long rest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you could lose an item that probably only exists once in the game.

What valuable item could you lose? You can lose the Owl Bear Egg, which you can only find once. In general, however, according to some players on Reddit, it’s possible to lose too much of anything that can be used as a stash.

This is due to the automatic resource distribution of the long rest, with which you do not select the supplies used yourself, but they are added to the selection independently.

However, it is particularly bitter if an item is caught that you can only get once. For example, one user reports that it can catch the owl bear’s egg (via Reddit). According to him, this fills 40 storage supplies and would therefore be enough for a long rest.

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What is that egg? In the first act of Baldur’s Gate 3 you can enter a cave in the emerald grove where you will find an owl bear with its cub and an unhatched owl bear egg.

You can take this egg and either sell it for 750 gold or use it in a later quest – provided you didn’t consume it during a long rest.

If you have consumed, sold or given away the egg in the quest, it is gone. So far only this one owl bear egg is known.

What is the “Long Rest”? In Baldur’s Gate you can take a so-called “Long Rest” in your camp to rest and restore life points and spell slots for all characters in your party.

Not only does a long rest pass a small amount of time that can instantly fail a quest, it also consumes 40 supplies (80 on Tactician difficulty).

The supplies that you can use up during a long break include food such as meat and vegetables, but also drinks. As some users report on Reddit, however, edible items can also be used, which you better not want to waste.

In the cave of the owl bears, however, you will not only find the dangerous creatures and their egg:

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