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Ikumi Nakamura, creator of Ghostwire: Tokyo, receives only a small mention in the credits

Despite being the original creator of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Ikumi Nakamura has only received a special mention in the credits of the game. This has been confirmed by VGC, taking advantage of the fact that the first reviews of the new Tango Gameworks, although the premiere will take place this Friday, March 25, on PS5 and PC. The former creative director of the project abandon development in May 2020, after becoming one of the stars of E3 2019, because the pressure of the process was affecting his health. She subsequently announced the foundation of her own studio working on an independent project.

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According to reports from VGC, to see Ikumi Nakamura in the credits of Ghostwire: Tokyo we have to wait about nine minutes. This is because it appears in the special thanks section, and not even in the one related to the study, but in a separate mention in which only she and Naoki Katakai, art director who also left the company to go to Unseen, Nakamura’s studio. Both are the only ones that appear in this alternative section of the special thanks, as you can see in the image available below:

Abandon Tango Gameworks Prioritizing Your Health

Ikumi Nakamura explained that she made the decision to leave Tango Gameworks “before it was too late” because the pressure of the development was negatively affecting their health. Still, even when he was already out of the study, he admitted that he considered Ghostwire: Tokyo he was “his son”, although “it didn’t make sense” to continue in the job without good health because “you can’t play games if you’re not healthy”. Mikami Shinjithe famous creator of the saga resident Evil and head of Tango Gameworks, explained in an interview that the original idea for the game was Nakamura’s, leaving him in an advisory position.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo It will be released on Friday, March 25 on PS5 and PC. On Vandal We have already been able to play it thoroughly to tell you about it in our review that “it is a game that, depending on where you look, can be incredible, surprising, impressive, lazy, crude and wasted”.

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