“I’ll tell the world that you died a hero…or a loser.” Diablo 4 and Megan Fox want to see you die | Top News

"i'll tell the world that you died a hero...or a

Tom Henry

“I’ll tell the world that you died a hero…or a loser.” Diablo 4 and Megan Fox want to see you die | Top News

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In recent years, the marketing of videogames has brought us the strangest campaigns. From tattoos to illegal gifts to the press (like brass knuckles), agencies are constantly trying to innovate to stand out. Diablo IV and Blizzard are very clear: the best way to promote your new game is collaborating with Megan Fox in a viral campaign.

The American actress is best known for her role in the Transformers movies, but she has also had roles in productions closer to horror, such as the controversial Jennifer’s Body. With this in mind, Blizzard wanted to bring her closer to the malrollero scene again and put her as the pillar of its new way of promoting the powerful RPG: if you have (bad) luck, the actress will talk about your adventures inside the game.

If you die in Sanctuary, you can try to profit from your tragedy. Blizzard’s new viral campaEsports Extrasinvites you to post your latest moments on social media. The reward? That Megan fox read your obituary and praise you (or pick on you, in case your death isn’t so epic).

Using the hashtag #DiabloDeaths, Blizzard and the American actress want to see your worst deaths in the game. Record your final moments, upload them to Twitter or YouTube and you might be the lucky winner of a personalized video by Fox. Of course, no one guarantees that they will praise you, and it is that they may mess with you.

If you want to participate in this campaign, you are going to have to be quick and hurry to die. And it is that the awarded videos will be published tomorrow, June 8, by the official account of Diablo IV. Come on, perish fighting like a hero! The reward is certainly worth it.

Diablo 4 already has Twitch Drops

If you like free rewards Diablo IV, the truth is that you have it very easy. Blizzard has announced the game’s Twitch Drops, and you can get hold of them now. This week, you can earn items for the Rogue and the Necromancer.

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