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“I’m proud of what I’ve done this year”

Fnatic Season 2022 has ended. The representative of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) closed his competitive year after falling in the World Championship 2022. throughout this season, Fnatic has had many ups and downs. In the Summer Split 2022 we thought they could stay out of the playoffs of the European competition. Finally, Fnatic managed to get into those top five and qualify to Worlds 2022 as the third European representative.

At the end of his last match against EDward Gaming We spoke with Iván Martín «razork«. The USAjungler has completed a magnificent season with his pluses and minuses. What is clear is that the evolution of Razork during this year has been spectacular and we talked to him about it. Then we leave you the interview with Razork.

Interview with Razork after his last game of Worlds 2022

Khayk: Razork, thank you so much for carving out some time despite the circumstances. What can you tell me about today’s games, especially from your point of view?

Razork: “I think it’s been a tough day for Fnatic. I think we’re in a position where nobody expected us to go 0-3. I think that the first game against Cloud9 may have screwed up the team’s atmosphere a bit because it was a quite unexpected loss. I think that I played that game very badly and the team wasn’t very good either, in fact that game was quite terrible. Today we have been quite loose. For the T1 and EDG games we have already given everything we had but they have been quite superior and in the end we have eaten a 0-3 ».

K: And now the question we all have: Yuumi. What about that champion? During all these days we have seen that she has been highly prioritized, especially by the Asian teams.

A: «Personally Yuumi is a character that I don’t like and I think he shouldn’t be in League of Legends. But at the end of the day you can strategize around the pick and the draft it is quite complex. The fact that you have to ban a character all the time from the red side can change the draft. my team and me bottom lane they were confident that they wanted to play against Yuumi because their Lucian/Nami was going well against them. But as long as Yuumi gets out of the laning phase well and starts picking up that first item, she’s a pretty disgusting character.”

K: What do you think happened to Fnatic from one day to the next? We have seen the two faces, a Fnatic capable of stomp to all and another that has not been found in the game.

A: «I couldn’t tell you, if we knew we would have fixed it. The fact of losing the first game has been able to annoy the team’s mentality. I don’t think anyone was tilted but losing the first game against C9 is quite annoying. In general, I couldn’t tell you, we’ve all had a bad day. We have tried to give everything but it is as if nothing came out of us and there is the feeling that whatever you do, nothing is going to help you win, a feeling that is a bit rubbish. At least that’s the feeling I had today. I don’t know what can be done when you feel that nothing comes out of you, because nothing comes out».

K: You did not have an easy group, although at this point nothing is easy. How has it been playing with two teams of the caliber of T1 and EDG?

A: «Personally, I was quite excited to play against them. I have to say that when we played against them in the best of one I did say that they were very good, because they are, but it is nothing to write home about. This is not to say that it is impossible to win against them. They can be beaten perfectly, although today I couldn’t tell you if it’s because we haven’t performed at a good level, which I think is partly because of that and apart from that I think they have performed much better today . The sensations are positive of facing this type of team, I learn a lot and facing my first World Cup I am quite ‘satisfied’ within what is possible to have been able to meet the expectations of facing this type of team».

K: Your year has been a roller coaster. You are almost at the gates of playoffs in LEC and suddenly you reach groups of World’s exciting the whole of Europe. What grade would you give this Fnatic?

A: «As you have said, we have gone from more to less and vice versa. On top of that we are very irregular. If I had to put a grade I would say that we have been at a 2, then we have been at a 9, then we go down to a 6… On average I would say a 7 or something like that».

K: And how do you feel about yourself? Because Razork, the growth spurt you’ve made from one year to the next has been incredible.

A: «If I have to put my season On balance I would say that it is positive. I think I’ve learned a lot and considering that the spring-split I had a really bad time for personal reasons. I think I’ve grown and matured a lot as a player and as a person. I’m also pretty proud of my whole team. It seems to me that we have not had things easy and yet we have continued to fight until we had no hope left. So the truth is that I am quite happy. As for my season, I think it was pretty good and I’m proud of what I’ve done this year.”

K: Speaking of the team, you’ve played with people of the caliber of Upset, Hylissang, Wunder or Humanoid. What is it like to share a team with these professionals who, after all, are top in Europe?

A: «Whenever you join a team where you don’t know each other, until time passes you don’t know what the people and players behind those nicknames are like. So it is a question of letting time flow and I think that as players they are very good, as people they are also 10 and the truth is that I have had a great time with them this year. We have made a very good group. Yes, there were things that we could not solve and that were problems that were going to be there 100% since they depend on the personality of several players. It is something that cannot be changed. But the truth is that I am quite happy with my whole team and proud. I think it’s been a good year.”

K: The competitive year is over and it’s time to go home. What’s next? Rest? dotryhardear the Only Q to get back to the top?

A: “I guess I’ll do what I always do. I will try to disconnect as much as possible from League of Legends. I feel that it is a game that if you do not take it with enthusiasm, it is not worth playing. Today I wouldn’t tell you that I’m burned out on LoL, but it’s always good to disconnect for a week or two. Playing other games, doing other things… Above all, I am very excited to be with my trigger and that. So first disconnect and then I always end up in Challenger so the goal is to catch Challenger in the main account to see how far I get ».

K: How do you see the two European teams we have left in World’s?

A: “Rogue has really surprised me. In fact, we were favorites in the semifinals in Malmö and after the first map I thought that they were not very good, that we should win easily. But I don’t know what has happened to them lately, I don’t know if they have changed any approach within the team but I get the feeling that they are playing the same style of play although they are doing it 10 times better. Rogue is scary. As for G2 Esports, I think they have a very complicated group, although I trust they can go through.

K: Perfect Razork, well let’s go with the latest. Any message you want to give to your followers or someone special?

A: «I wanted to thank all the fans for having followed this adventure that we have had this year, although it has been a bit complicated. I guess it has brought various emotions to everyone, including me. So I want to thank you for your support. I also wanted to dedicate my first World Cup to my father who is not having a very good time. So that, dad, I love you very much. And thank you very much for supporting me, little seals, I love you and let’s see if next year we can do better.

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