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Imagine what Mecha Flygon could look like in this cool Pokemon fan-art

A curious fan-art related to Pokemon. If you’re a fan of Dragon-type Pokemon, you’ll especially like it.

flygon It is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 3. It is the final form of Trapinch and Vibrava, who share the Earth type with it. All of them are about prominent Pokemon that are already well known within the fandom of the franchise. In this case, Reddit user shunixe has shown what a spectacular mecha form inspired by the future of Flygon could look like.


It is not the first time that fan-arts of this style are shared by franchise players, having obtained a fantastic result in this case. In the picture you can see a Flygon with a completely different design, this being Green and with a metallic appearance, which could be reminiscent of the appearance of some type of ship, taking into account the resemblance to numbers on its wings. It also has other details such as a different eye desEsports Extrasor additions such as its spectacular tail and hind legs.

Without a doubt, the final result that he has obtained is great. You can see the complete post with all the images shared by the user at this link. Here you can see it:

[OC] Wick Flygon
by u/shunixe in pokemon

What do you think? Do you think another desEsports Extrascould have been better? We read you in the comments.



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