[Impresiones] We have already played Blasphemous II, the Spanish game of the year

[impresiones] we have already played blasphemous ii, the spanish game

Tom Henry

[Impresiones] We have already played Blasphemous II, the Spanish game of the year

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Blasphemous It is without a doubt one of the best games that have ever been produced in USA. With a very well spun gameplay, an exemplary artistic section and endless references to national folklorewe spent months glued to the screen of our nintendoswitch thanks to its large number of free expansions. For this reason, our surprise was great when we found out, a few months ago, that its long-awaited sequel was in development.

Now that we know that Blasphemous II will be released this summer, the team at Team17 and The Game Kitchen It has given us the opportunity to play for the first hour of this new adventure (which has been cut short for us) and to speak with those responsible. For this reason, here we bring you our first impressions of what we consider to be one of the most promising games of the year.

The Penitent, now more interesting than ever

As soon as we put ourselves at the controls of Blasphemous II we have realized a reality like a temple: we are facing a game that expands all the virtues of the original, creating a much more ambitious work as a whole. This can be seen in an even better audiovisual section, an interesting level desEsports Extrasand, above all, in a much more versatile Griever than it was in the previous installment.

if in the Blasphemous original we had only one weapon, here we will start the adventure with three different options to choose from: a heavy mace that allows you to carry out charged attacks (although somewhat slow), a dual blade to attack at high speed and a sword more ordinary, but capable of helping us execute thunderous combos. After trying all three, we will keep one for the beginning of the adventure, but as we progress we will be able to recover the other two, which will also allow us to obtain the possibility of move in new ways by the map.

Blasphemous II

Along with this diversity of weapons, they also come new mechanics and options to personalize how we will enjoy the adventure. From a Altarpiece to place figures that we are acquiring (and that have different very interesting synergies) to other special abilities that we will talk about later, the Griever will have many more tools at his disposal to face the new challenge that awaits him in this sequel.

Even though we’ve only played for an hour, we were able to face a boss, as well as various enemies from the game world. Although we have not noticed too much difficulty (something understandable, as it is the first zone), we have observed that the good use of the map and some skill with the platforms will be the key to not only advance in the game, but also to discover all its secrets (like some cute cherubs hidden here and there on the map).

A full-fledged cultural love letter

Blasphemous II Prints

The first sensation that gave us the original Blasphemous is that he was able to enter our eyes almost instantly. That is usually a very important factor when it comes to a video game succeeding in the market, and Blasphemous II takes it to the tenth power. From very well-carved animated cinematics, going through a dubbing into pristine USAand reaching a scandalous soundtrack by Carlos Violathe production values ​​of this installment are much higher than we had imagined at first.

After telling you about our impressions on the gameplay and the audiovisual section of Blasphemous II, his thing would be that we also tell you a little about his history. However, to avoid any spoilage, we will only tell you that in this installment we will be able to enjoy both characters from the previous installment and the introduction of new ones that are going to give a lot to talk about. Beyond the religious symbology for which the title is known, this installment expands horizons to provide references to classics of USAliterature such as Bernarda Alba’s house through characters that we will be able to meet and see in motion as imposing figures before the Penitent.

preview USAgame 2023

Of course, after playing for just an hour, it’s hard to come to any key conclusions about what awaits us in Blasphemous II. However, with what we have been able to play with, we are not afraid to affirm that we are facing a much bigger title than its predecessordestined not only to become one of the best USAgames of the year, but also to a metroidvania that will go down in history for its great quality. The team of The Game Kitchen he has put a lot of love into the project, and we hope it will be returned to him once the game is released. Because titles like this must be supported, And we already count the hours to return to the controls!

With all this said, this is as far as they go. our first impressions of the game. Soon we will return with an interview with those most responsible for this new adventure. Until then, we recommend you wait with desire the adventure that awaits you in Blasphemous II sometime this coming summer. believe us, it will be well worth it.

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