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Impressions Bayonetta 3 – Nintendo Switch. a frenetic dance

¡Bayonetta 3 is just around the corner and we have already been able to dance with the umbra witch! We’re telling you right now because we’re super excited about the arrival of this title on Nintendo Switch on October 28. We are facing what surely be one of the candidates for GOTY on Nintendo Switch. Although we have only been able to test a couple of levels of this third installment, we assure you that we have been blown away. Before starting the impressions as such, we want to tell you that the trailers we have seen so far do not do any justice to how the title looks in person, possibly we are facing the title with the best realistic graphics of the Nintendo hybrid console. And now, without making spoilers and focusing on the playable novelties and our impressions, we begin the preview of Bayonetta 3, because if you wanted to get your hands on this game, surely after telling you what we have seen and felt when we put on once more in command of Bayonetta (and Viola), you’re going to wish we were on day 28 right now. Let’s start!

Familiar, but not too

The first thing we should tell you about in this preview is that we don’t want to tell you anything about the history of the title, because it promises a lot and we believe that it is better that you see for yourself everything that PlatinumGames has prepared for us. Now, what we do want to tell you is that the gameplay has changed slightly; We can no longer equip one weapon on our feet and another on our hands: the sets are unique, which seems to limit our combat options, but nothing could be further from the truth. One of the novelties of Bayonetta 3 is that we have the option to summon slave demonsthat leave Bayonetta defenseless while performing a summoning dance, but which allows us to control the demons and expand our combo options. In fact, we can equip 3 different demons and have a set A and a set B of weapons, which, with a little practice, will open up tons of combo options. On the other hand, in general terms, the rhythm of combat, the agility of Bayonetta’s movement and the development through “verses” within the chapters of the game, are maintained. We could say that everything both old and new “feels very Bayonetta”. Even Viola, who is another playable character with a bit of a twist to the controls.

Viola is another of the protagonists of Bayonetta 3with a more fiery, impatient and “punk” personality, which translates into his way of fighting, where to activate witch timefor example, instead of dodging at the last moment with ZR, like we do with Bayonetta, we must make a block or “parry” with the R button. Also, Cheshirea demon that we can summon with our sword, attacks autonomously during summoning, but leaves Viola unarmed, having to fight with fists. Her combos, moves, personality, and overall presence of her in the game we thought it was a cool touch and that we appreciate, since it forces us to leave the comfort zone in terms of combos and rely on dodges with warlock time, having to get used to blocking blows. At the moment, and since this is just a preview of the game, we don’t want to talk more about the playable aspects of the title beyond that they respond great, everything is extremely fluid, with a very solid 60 FPSwhich has surprised us a lot, and for good.

Bayonetta 3 – Nintendo Switch experience to the fullest

As we said before, the issue of 60 FPS has surprised us quite a bit, not because Nintendo’s hybrid console is not capable, or because the Bayonetta saga has not accustomed us to those images per second. What has surprised us is that they are achieved with a graphic quality as incredible as that of Bayonetta 3. It is the first thing we look at when we try this title, this is the game with the best realistic graphics to dateeven so, during some moments and cinematics we have seen some “stiff” texture there, but it doesn’t matter. The game looks amazing, much more colorful and brighter than its predecessors, and especially after seeing the trailers, we were quite surprised at how good the game looked. About the music, the soundtrack does not disappoint and it is very much in line with what is expected of Bayonetta and, in general, we have felt it as a step beyond the Bayonetta experience.

It is still early for verdicts and definitive conclusions, but so far we have loved it everything we’ve seen, heard and played from Bayonetta 3. It aims to be the biggest title in the saga and a game that really does bring out the full potential of Nintendo’s hybrid console, which makes us happy, because it is not usual to see Nintendo exclusives with this artistic direction, much less that they look so good. We can’t wait to be able to play the full title and discover all the mysteries that await us in Bayonetta 3 on October 28, as you well know, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Impressions made thanks to a game session organized by Nintendo USA


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