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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, A new detective Journey is start Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1

sherlock holmes chapter one  frogwares  frogwares games   sherlock holmes video game 2018 sherlock holmes games sherlock holmes series steam games
image via Sherlock Holmes, Frogware

We enjoyed the first hour of a new adventure of the famous detective, who explored one of his most private cases. After a short break, after working in the game “The Sinking City” inspired by the Lovecraft universe, Frogwares returned to its original state. Shaped into his main legend, Sherlock Holmes, provides us with a new story that leads us to discover the “first chapter” in the life of a popular detective. On this occasion, he must face one of the most personal mysteries to date.

The Journey of Young Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One 2021 is a third-person investigation and exploration game that takes us to the Mediterranean town of Cordona in 1880, a fictional but inspired by the Italian landscape. Our protagonist is not a famous detective we still know, but a 21-year-old young man. Ten years later, he returned to the place where he lived with his family to visit his mother’s grave. As you can imagine, this is how everything is released. In these impressions, we have been able to play the first mission, which is a well-crafted tutorial, as well as the first “primary” mission (called in a certain way) and secondary missions. In “Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One”, we assumed that by applying what we learned in “The Sinking City”, development became an open world. We are ready to provide you with islands to explore to find new tasks, clues or objects, but if we want to focus on the story, it is easy to follow a more linear trajectory.

The adventure begins by traveling to the island where we lived when we were little with our family.

sherlock holmes chapter one  frogwares  frogwares games   sherlock holmes video game 2018 sherlock holmes games sherlock holmes series steam games
image via Sherlock Holmes, Frogware

We personally believe that the open world must contribute, and in a game where the narrative is so important, it may be counterproductive. The truth is, it’s too early to comment on how this more open exploration method is suitable for games, but for now, we find it interesting and well implemented, and if available, the fast travel option can help us reach the purpose. .we hope.

Home Tour

Those who have played one of the previous games in the series, at least the most recent game, will find that its playable core method is very similar. This means that the mechanics are still very similar: we face a mystery, we talk to relevant people, we check them to create archives, we investigate “crimes” or mysterious scenes, and then we explore the environment. Looking for clues through the menu and drawing conclusions, we can put them together. Young Sherlock is suddenly involved in one of his first cases.

sherlock holmes chapter one  frogwares  frogwares games   sherlock holmes video game 2018 sherlock holmes games sherlock holmes series steam games
image via Sherlock Holmes, Frogware

In this new section, some new options are introduced to help us investigate, such as focus (it allows us to see various features of objects and characters without interacting with them), listening to certain conversations to get clues, You can even choose to dress up, including masks, makeup and other accessories to completely change our appearance. Clothing will help us enter certain areas and even certain people; in fact, by focusing, we can see whether the character has a tendency to talk to us, depending on the clothes we wear sherlock holmes chapter one .

sherlock holmes chapter one  frogwares  frogwares games   sherlock holmes video game 2018 sherlock holmes games sherlock holmes series steam games
image via Sherlock Holmes, Frogware

The problem is that all these possibilities seem very limited. We don’t know if it’s because we are still in the early stages of the game, but we want more freedom to use them and get different results. Now it makes us feel that we just need to figure out which to use instead of how to use them. Of course, this does not mean that we are still able to make a decision, whether it is when creating the suspect’s profile or when making a decision on the offender. Visually it is a very attractive game, and surprising for small production. These images have been captured by us in a development version for PC, hence the watermarks.

A world to lose yourself

sherlock holmes chapter one  frogwares  frogwares games   sherlock holmes video game 2018 sherlock holmes games sherlock holmes series steam games
image via Sherlock Holmes, Frogware

It is worth noting that Frogwares has done an excellent job in recreating the universe of this young Sherlock Holmes. It is unfair to compare it to blockbusters we all know, but for games with a much smaller budget, we think it looks great. The level of detail of the character is very high, and the animation effect is very good, including facial expressions, which helps to create a sense of immersion. The same is true for Cordona, the island where the story takes place. It is not only astonishing in terms of technology but also astonishing in terms of art sherlock holmes chapter one. This version is still under development and has Ansel, so we can also play with the camera to appreciate the work behind it.

A detective with the best knowledge

Even if we join the open world, we do not believe that “Holmes: Chapter One” will become a revolutionary game, but for those who like this kind of adventure, it will indeed become a very interesting game. In the first few hours, we have been able to see certain flaws—such as the repeated dialogue route when talking to most NPCs—will continue to exist there due to budget reasons when we head to the open world. And others—some tutorials are very boring, or some goals seem to take you to the wrong place—can be improved between now and release sherlock holmes chapter one. There are more things to watch, such as fighting, which is expected to open new options to solve certain problem cases, or family mansions, which will serve as the center point of advancing the story. In any case, it is undeniable that Frogwares still knows how to create a story that will catch you from the beginning and encourage us to progress as long as you solve the mystery, so if you have enjoyed any adventure before, you should’ Do not. Forget this chapter. Visit Esports Extras for more amazing updates.



Sherlock Ruined

Sherlock Chapter 2

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