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Impressive: Thanks to Game Pass, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty almost quadruples the number of players

impressive: thanks to game pass, wo long: fallen dynasty almost

Koei Tecmo has had some interesting numbers on its latest big hit, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, available on Xbox Game Pass. The game has been one of the biggest releases for the Xbox subscription service so far this year and has gained a huge following of fans in recent weeks. If you have doubts about what it can offer, I leave you here the review that my colleague David Fernández did.

The team recently announced that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has sold one million copies worldwide. What’s even more impressive, though, is the number of players that have signed up through Xbox Game Pass. In fact, Team Ninja has confirmed that there have been 3.8 million users who have played the game, almost four times the number of sales.


Game Pass is a catalyst that brings together millions of players

This data includes players on all available Xbox platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and Cloud Gaming. This data is undoubtedly impressive and shows the popularity not only of the game; but the ability of the service to congregate players. Koei Tecmo should be happy with the numbers, thanks to a combination of strong sales and a large number of subscription players.

In fact, this is a good example of how the subscription model can drive the success of video games. In our review we highlight the main mechanics of the game, which is Soulsborne-like. The reviews also put the game very well, so being on Game Pass it’s almost a crime not to give it a chance.


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