In 24 hours, Sons of the Forest achieves one of the highest player spikes in Steam history

No one doubted that there was hype for Sons of the Forest, but we couldn’t get an idea of ​​how far the Endnight Games game was going to shake up today’s video games: if in just 1 hour it managed to monopolize Twitch and break payments on Steam, what won’t you have done in 24 hours? Taking a look at the metrics, it is easy to see that the survival horror has in fact conquered the 22nd highest activity peak ever registered on the Valve platform.

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With 350 105 simultaneous players, says Steam DB, surpasses the attention of titans like Monster Hunter: World, Destiny 2, Counter-Strike (1.6) or TES V Skyrim among others. Comparatively, his position is not far below those occupied by GTA V, Among Us or Fallout 4; reflecting the enormous interest that circulates around this program. The question now, rather, is to see how far Sons of the Forest goes as we head into the weekend.

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On Twitch, the tally is also pretty positive for developers: as of this writing, Sons of the Forest adds up to a whopping 407,000 viewers, which puts it above Valorant or League, for example; and second only to the generic “Just Chatting” tag. Once again, it just remains to be seen how far this kind of positive reception pushes the future of the game. For now, the result speaks for itself.

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And user reviews encourage optimism: Sons of the Forest accumulates almost 20,000 opinions on Steam, 87% of which are positive. as the premiere is early accessHopefully many new features will be added and as many polishing issues associated with unfinished software like this one at hand will be fixed. Looking at the game sheet, we will see new objects, manufacturing elements, mechanics, narrative material and things like that.