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In an idyllic game on Steam you build a farm in Australia – originated by a single person

In the Steam game “Dinkum” you build a new life on an island. The game is already very popular with players in Early Access.

Dinkum is a living and building simulator that takes you to an area inspired by Australia. You make a fresh start on an island, get to know the residents and build your own home and an entire city.

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The game is currently still in Early Access and is expected to remain so for at least a year.

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Dinkum is created by a single developer named James Bendon. He worked on the game for 3 years before it was released in Early Access. On Steam he writes: Although the game is now very playable, the developer still wants to add a few elements until it feels “complete”.

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The game is playable on the Steam Deck, but requires some extra effort to interact or configure.


Dinkum-Release Trailer


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What is the gameplay like? Arriving on the island of Dinkum, you build a place to stay, which you gradually expand into a stately farm. You can grow crops, keep livestock like chickens, sheep or cows, or even get a giant wombat as a pet.


You expand the place from a single tent to a whole town. Complete quests for visitors to the island so they stay. The happier the people are, the more your city will continue to grow. With new people comes more shops where you can buy certain goods, like tools or clothes.

Explore your surroundings and collect resources: go fishing or catch insects to expand the museum collection, get food or earn some pocket money.

But also pay attention to the dangers of nature. Because predators like crocodiles can attack you. But you are not defenseless. You can attack animals with a spear or catch them with your traps.

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You can customize your home as well as your character. Craft the furnishings you want and create a cozy place to stay.

You can play the farm game alone or in online co-op with other players. Invite your friends to your island and desEsports Extrasa place together according to your wishes.


How do players rate Dinkum? The total of 12,609 ratings on Steam are extremely positive for the farm simulator. A full 95% are good reviews (as of February 18, 2023, via Steam).

Dinkum reminds many players of a mixture of various other titles in which you also build a home. Animal Crossing in particular is often mentioned as a comparison:

  • DittolsPink: Take the harmless joy of Animal Crossing and add horrors of Australia. I was pecked unconscious by some kind of wild bird while trying to fish.
  • It’s already a great game and the creator is always adding something. It’s similar to games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but with an Australian flair. There’s even a museum that you can unlock to donate fish, bugs, and other animals. So it’s perfect for people who like to build collections […].
  • Ravlex: Mix Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon and you get Dinkum. An absolute recommendation, 5/5 stars. I miss Steam Achievements a bit.

How much does it cost Dinkum? You can currently get the Early Access title on Steam for €16.79 (as of February 18, 2023)

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