In Elden Ring, goats will teach you a totally wacky skill that will flatten you

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In Elden ring there’s a wacky skill that makes you roll around like a ball of death. The skill is silly but deadly. You can find out how to use the skill, where to find the goats that teach it to you and what it all looks like in the game here on MeinMMO.

What is this skill? In Elden Ring, you can use a specific Ashes of War called “Lightning Goat”. When you activate it, your hero will bleat like a really bad goat for a moment, and then you start to… roll. You roll through the botany like a demolition ball.

However, this is not a purely defensive ability. Rather, you can almost flatten your opponents. The result is extreme:

  • Normal mobs take to the ground in no time and sink to the dust before the Lightning Ram’s might!
  • Bosses don’t have much to counter the rolling horror, just make sure you don’t get hit too hard
  • In PvP, the Blitzbock is particularly deadly, and those who dare set foot on your world will be felled by Goat power.

Where can you find the skill? If you want to find the Ashes of War for the Lightning Ram, you’ll need to find a place where the eponymous rams are lurking. This is on the Altus Plateau, near the Tomb of the Holy Hero waypoint.

elden ring card goats

As mentioned, there are the goats that inspired this skill. But you get the ashes if you knock over one of the critters rolling around there.

“Probably the funniest Ashes of War skill!”

How is the skill received by the community? The Elden Ring community is celebrating the deadly point bullet skill. On reddit, for example, it is described as “Probably the funniest ashes of war skill”.

Other players celebrate how original the attack looks: “OMG, this is hilarious. When I read about this Ashes of War, I expected a shoulder ram-style lightning attack. That’s just brilliant.”

Another user says “I love the desEsports Extrasphilosophy behind Elden Ring – when all builds are OP, they aren’t anymore!”

Recently, Blitzbock also had weapon buffs carried over to its bullet attack. That made things even more powerful. But according to a user on YouTube, this should no longer be the case with the new update 1.03.

You can find out more information about the new patch and what else it does here: With update 1.03, Elden Ring fulfills one of the biggest wishes for the map – the patch notes

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