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In Fortnite, players tinker their own action figure – but the cool action of Season 3 flops hard

Fortnite advertised Season 3 with many things. Better XP system, chilled vibes, and cool new skins like the buildable Schnips action figure. Many were looking forward to the countless combo possibilities, but now all players are disappointed. Why?


What is snip? Schnips belongs to the new Battle Pass of Season 3 Chapter 3 and is an action figure. Players can assemble this skin themselves over the course of the weeks and unlock various other styles, heads, arms and much more.

When you unlock the skin for the first time, you can see many grayed out boxes on its own Battle Pass page. Behind these new possibilities are waiting for you to desEsports Extrasthe action figure according to your wishes.

Gamers have therefore hoped for lots of new heads and torsos to look cool, but leakers have now found what fans are really expecting from the data.


Reskins disappoint the community across the board

What information was found? Reddit user Livid-Respect5357 leaked the Hypex leaker released, showing what additional styles players can expect for Schnips.

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This post features a new headgear, the rest are just reskins of existing body parts. So you will not receive any new cosmetic content related to Schnips until the end of Season 3.


Livid-Respect5357 disappointedly titled his post as “One of the biggest missed opportunities I’ve ever seen…”

How are the players reacting? Not only Livid is disappointed, but also everyone in the comments under his post. Many players cannot believe that Epic Games has given away such potential. Anyone who knows Toy Story knows what opportunities Epic Games would have had to give the action figure crazy combinations.

Players therefore comment on reddit their dissatisfaction with how Epic designed the skin:

  • I was looking forward to a new torso, but no, we’re stuck with three buff torsos of different colors – says DeadEndXD
  • I really thought we would get new unique stuff for Schnips, but I think it’s just blatant reskins – writes i_only_land_onchard disappointed
  • This game always comes soooo close to something great and then just COMPLETELY ruins their chances. […] – says tideshark
  • It’s not even that it recolors, it’s also that the parts are bad, why isn’t the cool action figure based on toys but on trash and olives? – adds Notwarioalt

The disappointment runs through to the end of the post. Players want to clarify what options Epic had and finally buried them with Reskins.

What do you think of Schnips, do you think the combo options are sufficient and appropriate, or do you also think Epic Games should have put more effort into it? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.